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I would never have related this pony to toothpaste by myself.

AI File: [link]

Edit: Fixed the fill in her neck and head, and fixed lines on the mane and tail.
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Used here, thx a lot for making it :la: srsly,keep it up :D…
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Hi, I used this vector and credited here if that's okay :D :[link]
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Why isint her cutie mark a toothbrush?
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Used as the base for [link]

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Awesome vector! :) I used it in a video I made: [link]
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This vector was used and credited here: [link]
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Used here: [link]

Wonderful work on Colgate!
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Here's the mane reason why Minuette, that's her cannon name, got related to toothpaste, when you look at this picture, look at Minuette's tail.
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Haha! The spanish will be angry >:)
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Aww, she's gorgeous. She would make a great plush.
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Nobody (er, nopony) ever drawls colgate, she really is an awesome pony.
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Hnnngggggg <3
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You drew her wrong. You forgot to add in a TARDIS. (Well, of course she's a Time Lady. Look at her Cutie Mark, and look at Doctor Whooves'.)
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Cute! I was surprised by the lack of Colgate vectors out there.
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