Lights, Camera, Action!

Cut to Friday, March 23rd, when everyone gathered at a soundstage in Glendale to watch the magic happen. Backstage, rossdraws was getting an enormous Bob Ross wig fitted, while on the sound stage the crew hung lights and rigged up cameras.

"I like Chopped and... when I got more info about this being a Chopped thing," Jenny Yang, who played one of the judges, talked about getting the audition. "I was like WHAT? This is like the nerdiest, funniest parody."

An on-set animal-wrangler made many careful attempts to coax Milo into a tiny wig, but despite his experience with bears in wigs on shampoo commercials, it was Milo who won the battle of wills. But like any true diva, when the cameras started rolling, Milo delivered spectacularly.

After Bob RossDraws, the crew re-set the soundstage for 'Shopped, while the 'contestants' donned their custom jumpsuits. The director, Stony, threw out one hilarious prompt after another for the judges and contestants to react to.

DeviantArt Originals: Behind the Scenes

In between scenes, GerardUht got photos of the actors posing for the key art that would wind up on the website. After lunch came the most chaotic part of the shoot: all the handheld shots of 'Shopped contestants scrambling around.

The final undertaking of the day was to capture a monologue from the one and only Death Artist. But lo, no-one had been cast. Due to a change in the script, Ben from BentoBox wrote a creepy monologue on the fly in the vein of True Detective or Hannibal, part philosophy, part murder, all hilarious. GerardUht stepped up to the plate, and The Death Artist was born.

Before we knew it, set was wrapped. Our friends at BentoBox would edit together all that we'd shot into the trailer, and create all the animation for Bob RossDraws and The OC.