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I open for commissions for "up to the knee" shots and fullbodies.

Quick Rules

  • PayPal only! Pay in full first, no half payments
  • Please have an image reference of your OCs
  • Max additional characters: 1
  • I will draw only characters who are human or resemble the figure of a human (kemonomimis, gijinkas). No furries/monsters/mechas and etc
  • Also no gore and R18 themes of any form and fetish
  • Please feel free to note me anytime if you have any doubts!

"Up to the knee" shot: 22  USD  (+15 USD for second chara)

Note: it would be nice if you already have an idea of what you want to see in the picture and tell me about it!


      ! () by birdtirex
(do not worry, you will get a picture without a watermark)
2 by birdtirex

genshin impact fanart? by birdtirex
thanatos by birdtirexCeleste by birdtirex

Fullbody: 35 USD (+20 USD for second chara)

 to my friend's birthday by birdtirex
  by birdtirex  by birdtirex


If you are interested in the commission, please note me or let me know in the comments and I will reserve you a slot!


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Hey there! I was wondering if you would draw closed species too? (in my case bamharr babes, I'd link some guides to the 'order' then)

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hi! yes, please send me a note with the details!

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How do you tell people how to do commissions.
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i'm sorry, what?,,
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I'm saying that I'm open to commissions. If you want me to draw something for you, I'll do it for you. Do you want me to draw something for you. I'm doing free commissions now because I don't have a credit card yet, so yeah.