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Male Violin Stock 1

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:bulletred: 3: Feel free to use our stock in photomanipulations or as (pose) references for traditional art such as paintings or drawings. We are also fine with the use of our stock in school and university projects, as long as it is not used commercially without our prior knowledge and permission. 

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:bulletred: 5. It is allowed to sell prints of art made with our stock, but only on dA. If we find photos with our stock for sale anywhere else without our permission, we will take legal action. 

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If you have any questions, feel free to ask us! If you do not understand the rules, we will also be happy to help clarify them! 
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I think this picture is an exellent example of high-quality stock which is even an artwork itself.

The idea of providing stock of a musician is nothing new, but nevertheless I think you did a great job.

Personally, the thing I love the most about this picture is the facial expression of the model. He looks satisfied and totally lost into the world of his music.
That's why I rated the Impact with 5/5 stars, you just want to stare at this forever!

Another positive thing is that the picture is sharp where it should be sharp and blurred where it should be blurred. The lightning is also very pleasing for a stock photo and the whole quality is enjoyable, not only for people who want to use it to create art themselves.
The background gives your picture a relaxed, homelike touch and you get a peaceful and unwound feeling just by looking at it.

All in all, I really enjoy the atmosphere you created!
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thank you so much for your elaborate critique! It is very appreciated! 
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Thanks, glad it helps you! :)
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Hmmm, I'm afraid this picture has a couple of things wrong in the pose. I'd like to point some out, just as healthy and constructive criticism :)

The other pictures with the violin are honestly pretty good, despite one or two flaws in the right hand! They look quite natural. The "mistakes" in this one are more evident however.

Without going too much into it:
- the pinky on the right hand is the only finger (apart from the thumb) that should grip the bow with the tip. The rest of the fingers should simply lean with the middle finger bone on top of the bow.
- the hair on the bow should visibly be turned toward the player.
- make sure the left hand lines with the lower arm: so no bend wrist
- pretty much always place the bow in between the bridge (wooden piece holding the string up) and the black wood. Right now it is far too much on the black board.

Really nice photo though! Great expression and overall nice pose.
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hello ... can i use your stoke to photo manipulation ? for You-tube    
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yes if you give proper credit and send us the link
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Is there a bow hold I am not aware of? Every good violin stock I am finding, the model is holding the bow totally wrong. He's playing on the wrong end of the violin. For future reference, and I say this as friendly advice/critique, he should have the bow resting across the strings between the bridge and the neck. :smile: 
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thank you, we will keep that in mind! We were playing pretend, so no clue how to actually hold a violin haha
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I really like this picture. As a violinist the only thing that bugs me is that he is playing WAY up on the fingerboard. Although maybe he's not playing anything. Have a nice day! =)

Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Happy Dance) V6 
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Sorry this bothered me a lot but it seems like the chin rest is on the wrong side of the violin...
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haha yeah i know, we held it wrong
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May I use an image I made from this on my patreon? :3
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hey, I am sorry but that would constitute commercial use and we don't allow that without the purchase of a license. We used to be more flexible with our rules but people have taken advantage of us too many times :-( I wish you lots of success with your Patreon though!
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I used this for a reference here:

Mostly for practice and all, was wondering if i could post it on my facebook, show my family and all
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With much appreciation, used your wonderful stock here:
...Music to Burn... by EsotericIllusion
Thank you!!
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This is a great reference! Thank you so much for sharing! :D
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  Thank you so much! I used it here ^^
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