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Synopsis: Blanchefleur seeks out a much needed escape... 

Warning: This story is intended for mature audiences only and is not appropriate for minors. This story will have very triggering subject matter throughout. Individual trigger warnings will be placed with chapters when appropriate. Any feedback is really appreciated.

Triggers for this chapter: vulgar language. 

Next Chapter: Ubba and The Mother of Bastards CH 11 (Ubba x OC)

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I love how you showed the 'regular person' side of Blanchefleur, and used it to make her more relatable to Ubba. Bit by bit, the ice is breaking.

I can't help but wonder, though: are none of the witnesses to the fight going to acknowledge that Ceolbert voluntarily accepted the duel with Swayne? It's kind of disturbing, and seems downright dishonest and dishonorable, that they're treating this like an assault case when it was actually a consensual match.

How is anyone supposed to trust their new government if the prince agrees to something, and then the other participant is tortured for doing something the prince agreed to? I might've expected this kind of behavior from Ivarr, but I'd expected better from Ubba.