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:icongetsomeplz: Welcome to Birds of the World! :icongetsomeplz:

As the name of the group implies, this is a group dedicated to birds. Here you can submit your photography and artwork of birds. There is no quality control here, so all bird photography and artwork is welcome as long as the work doesn't go against any of the rules listed below. Please read the rules before joining.


:bulletblue: Members are not allowed to submit their work to the Featured folder. Only the founder can decide on what can be featured.
:bulletblue: The submission limit is three deviations per day.
:bulletblue: Submit photography to all photography folders. All artwork must be submitted to the Bird Artwork folder.
:bulletblue: Some folders contain descriptions that will aid you in the submission process. Before submitting to a folder for the first time, please check in the description to ensure that your submission meets the criteria to be featured in said folder.
:bulletblue: Photos containing sick, abused, or dead birds are not allowed. The only exception to this rule are photos of birds eating other birds, which might be the subject of some raptor photos.
:bulletblue: Sorry we do not take literature. Art and photos only.
:bulletblue: Political artwork is not allowed
:bulletblue: Stolen work is not allowed.
:bulletblue: Nudity and pornography is not allowed.
:bulletblue: Be civil to other members of the group. If you are caught behaving inappropriately to other group members, you will be blocked from the group.
:bulletblue: Birds must be the focus of your photography or art. If there is a person and a tiny bird that can not be seen in thumbnail it will be rejected. This group is about birds not people or other animals. The bird must be large and the focus of the art.
:bulletblue: There is MILD quality control on this group. Other than what was mentioned above for photos artwork submitted must be of intermediate to professional quality. Cartoon birds are allowed so long as they are based on real birds and obvious what species they are. No fictional birds. No birds that are overly deformend. Basically we mostly take realistic cartoons. This group is called Birds of the World for a reason. But mostly we want art of real birds. No fan art. Drawings of characters like Daffy or Donald duck are not allowed. They are not real birds and you must submit only your own characters. Original characters based on real birds.
:bulletblue: You must be active if you want to become an admin. Inactive admins will be removed.

If you have any questions regarding the group, please send a note.

~PeregrineFalconLady or Sorath-Rising



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Greetings everyone.  This is :iconsorath-rising: posting here.  It's been while since I have posted a journal.  I thought this would be an interesting post because not many groups on DA exist where the founders and admins know each other in real life.  :iconmalidicus: Chris is my husband and we both love birds and nature.  Last August :iconperegrinefalconlady: visited me again.  I picked her up at her hotel and took her around to some of my local sites. I took her to Colt Creek State Park and we had a blast bird watching. She got some amazing photos of a red shoulder hawk that was so close to us on a tree.  We came across the filming of a documentary movie while in this park.  It takes place during WWII from what they told us and they had this original Willys Jeep set up.

We had a nice lunch and I introduced her to dragon fruits.  I only had a white one but it was not bad.  We spent time playing games and she got to meet my budgie :iconwhtlacewingbudgieplz: Bullet.  I also showed her the art I was making of my character Scary Fear and showed her how I make digital art.  We're both digital artists so that was fun to talk about and see the programs we use.    So over all it was a great time.

I just got back from celebrating Chris's birthday this October as well as Halloween.  For Halloween we met up wtih :iconactipton80:.  We drove up to Georgia and stayed with our aunt in the mountains.  It's always so beautiful up there. It was our first time seeing the lovely Fall leaves too. we're Floridians and we don't get Fall colors.  Then we drove to NC on Halloween.  We brought our budgie Bullet with us.  Bullet has developed several tumors and is not doing so well.  We celebrated her birthday back in September as she turned 5.  She wasn't expected to live to Halloween but I have been doing my best to take care of her and am pleased she is still with us and was able to meet Actiption's budgies Rocky and Izzy.  

Three budgie budies by Sorath-Rising

We had a very nice time and we needed this week long vacation.  Hope everyone had a pleasant Halloween.

Your admin - Sorath-Rising
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