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hey y'all
don't worry this rant has nothing to do with deviantART or with anyone here.
It's about my "workplace" I'm supposed to be in. You heard right, "supposed". I didn't get the job. FOR NO GOOD REASON.

Look I thought I had the chance. Everything went pretty normal, or no, more like really good. Heck even the assistant said, I can do the contract after the 3 days introduction as a print media technologist, yes I worked on every 3 days 8 HOURS like on a normal workday. From 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., but the way to get there was long so I had to wake up at 4 a.m. already. The time was the only weird thing to me and especially to my mother XD
so yeah, I already learned so many things on the first day and guess what? It was actually fun to me! After these 3 days the assistent was satisfied with me, but the most important thing that it was good FOR ME, so he said as good as I can remember that the secretary will e-mail me to make a meeting for the contract. It might took a while since the boss and the secretary is on the holidays. okay, so far so good, it was in the middle of August and my first work day will be on the 4th September. Hurray-
but is the 30th August? hm... let's see what they wrote me-

"I'm sorry but by order of the general manager I sadly have to inform you that we couldn't regard you in the filling of jobs." and blah blah...

... are you... are you guys literally shitting on me?
You fuckers gave me hope. You were the reason I got more happier in my life and everyone else in my family. My grandma was happy as never before. And you have to reject me in the nick of time. And destroy everything. You said you were looking for an apprentice, you wanted me to work there for fucking three days, where my legs hurted so freaking much,  just to receive such an unreasonable rejection. How funny.
Thanks for making me unemployed.

I'm gonna burn the card they gave me.
uh I think it is time to say, that I'm gonna take a big hiatus... I think, for the first time. It's not that I have depression, luckily, I just have no fun at drawing anymore for some reason. On the last months I was just spending time on tumblr and look after dumb things to laugh at.
Also did I already mentioned that I hate my style?? It is a thing to me somehow. I need to improve. But it is hard to get motivations back, no matter how many times I try, it is not there.
More things that makes me want to punch myself is, that I think about 4 or 5 damn years about my fancomic "Monster Heart" and nothing happens. Like I really do love Sirica and Wolfwrath, but I just have no idea how to start and what should actually happen. I'm STILL working on Wolfwrath's CHARACTER. After all these years... It annoys me to realize how much I suck at doing stories. I really want to, but I'm so afraid that people take some things on the wrong way or it will be just bad. Like ridiculously bad. I LITERALLY DID NOTHING.
Even tumblr is now making me feel bad, but this is something more personal.

So ya, you really don't need to worry, I think it is the best to leave just for a while. I love this website too much. I'm online every day, I still want to check other works out~ see ya
it's done

es ist vollbracht

* Wolfwrathknight Suga-ruu lugiaXawesome Himmelskerze Toxical-Toon HoshiiNoMaki Maniactheleader *

huehue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

another project on run
just tell me your character. It can be anything like OC or FC, it mainly has to be your character and send me a sheet of it please, that's it. Also only friends can participate, but don't be shy to comment. I'll probably won't say no if I know you or if you're not annoying me like hell :XD:

and then you just have to wait what comes (you'll probably regret it)

Wolffly Journal Dolly by Wolfwrathknight
Silica and Wolfwrath journal dolly(?) by Primrose-Rachel
Heyo people! Today I have great news~
Yes, as you can read my sister joined DeviantArt today! WAAAAIIIII :bademoticon: :bademoticon: LOLing King DeDeDe Emoticon 

So let me introduce you: :heart: Fluffydragon24 :heart:
It would be nice to give her a warm welcome everyone~
and oohh she will be drawin' maaaad, just like me, but maybe worse :XD:

Thanks guys and have a wonderful day~ Also, Happy Birthday lil' sis, Alles Gute! :dummy:
Yep I think it's funny to make a DA family like many here do~ :dummy:
well I hope you are interested...

Just comment here who you want to be! like sister, cousin, dog or hyperblastingdragon -anything like that- xP

Have a nice day~ :heart:
Sirica Is 101% Sin2 by Birdon14
I regret nothing.
...okay I'm gone on Saturday. I fly to south Spain! <3 mmmmhh me gusta mucho °u° week were know project week weren't fun at all. It was of course the subject I still hate so much. ECONOMY. Kill me please please kill my teacher. She didn't deserve to lecture students. Such a piece of trash... -_-

Anyway I'm sure I don't have Internet there so no deviantart for one week... 
...first world problem. 
Welp...also, it will be the first time I'll fly with an airplane~ I'm so excited >w< 
I worked 5 hours on a picture
A very detailed picture, which broke my hands (fur art u know)
I only saved it when I was finished
I closed sai
I wanted to open it again, because I forgot to save it as a png

Opening Canvas failed.
that means I wasted the whole night for nothing

Thanks sai, I go to bed now and cry
Like my day wasn't going to get worse. (teacher made kind of fun about me)

hah! Ich werde so viele Animu Buttons kaufen und vielleicht sogar Figuren!! MMMHHH HOREH SHEEET!! <3


13€ und es wars sowas von Wert!!! :heart:

okay Figuren wollte ich doch nicht kaufen...aber ich hab BUTTONS UND EIN KANEKI ANHÄNGER!!! AAAHHHHHH <3333
Holy moly, I do tags! owo
Got tagged from  lugiaXawesome~ :3

1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 other characters
4. Post their names along with their creator's avatars

About Juraarateryx~!

1. Yes, she is a female...
2. I created her on my first day on DeviantArt, was time for a DemonBeast OC and I love birds so much!
3. She is a little naive, clumsy but also a kind and an easily scared one.
4. In a nutshell, her fossil got brought to Nightmare, to create a powerful bird, but it ended as a fail and she got expelled. After that, she tries her best to survive and to find the reason from her life. Still, as a monster she has a great and funny life with her friends.
5. She can attack / defence herself with her small claws,the sharp Dinosaurteeth/-skull and she can also spit out green, corrosive slime out of her beak.
6. She really likes to climb on high trees, even though she can't fly...xD
7. Her best friends are Akatombo and Yo-yo, they are always here if she needs some help or advices. She really likes to play with Akatombo tag and hide and seek.
8. Oh and don't give her sweets...she's going to vomit everything out, include her slime xD

ehhh I don't really want to tag people, so do it if you want to~~ <3
If you don't want to read some dramas then ignore it. I'm not forcing anyone.

I'm sorry, I feel like shit again.
Nothing happens in my life. No one is commenting on my stuffs, except 3 or 4 same peoples. (but I still love them for that)
I feel guilty what I have done on the first days here.
I'm now over 3 years here and nothing much happens. I really love deviantart, but it makes me sad how boring I am.
I really wanted to reach at least 200 watchers, but yeah, when I see how shitty my arts are comparing to other peoples, it wants me to end everything...but...I will stay here anyway...because I'm weak!!
I not motivated to draw anymore...every picture I do will mostly end as a fail...well...thats what I see.
I'm even afraid of school. I'm not a great student anymore. I become more silent and my depression grows. Deviantart is the only place I can escape my stressing life.
You know...I'm actually not the type of telling about my life, because when I do, I will end up being guilty again...for what I have wrote.

Sorry to make some people worry. I need more motivation in my life. ...or more friends who knows.

Hope you understand.

eeyup Who want one~?

Only 15:points:!

:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 

You only have to:

Bullet; Purple be one of my watchers or friends
Bullet; Purple Give me a sheet of your character
Bullet; Purple you can also give some details like: sitting on the meadow or fighting with someone
Bullet; Purple One picture each person and I can draw two characters
Bullet; Purple please pay me first
Bullet; Blue comment with "okidoki" and you will get one~

:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: 

Paw Print (Lime) - F2U! paid
Paw Print (Red) - F2U! not paid jet

 Paw Print (Lime) - F2U! Toxical-Toon Wrath and another dinosaur
Paw Print (Lime) - F2U! Wolfwrathknight Holy Galacta Knight
Paw Print (Lime) - F2U! Halgalaz Halgalaz
Paw Print (Lime) - F2U! siIvaIIy Waka
Paw Print (Lime) - F2U! Sugaruu Starbell with pen

here are some examples:
Watercolor-Commission ~Wrath~ by Birdon14 Aqua training Sunset by Birdon14 Aqua training Monster Heart by Birdon14

Heyo guys~
New project: Glitches for friends! <3

So yeah, I have been lately doing some glitches for fun so I decided to make some for you~ :heart:
Well... if anyone want one you first have to follow these rules:

-You have to be one of my watchers

-Please be patient with me ;v;

Your character should have at least one of these personalities:
  1. a little violent
  2. sadistic
  3. a little weird
  4. or
    - if it has an another form like: normal form/dark form, something like this

But if you don't have a character with these personalities, you can still send me one and I will may look for an alternative ^^


....yep that's it~

Working on:

Garu from DummyHeart
Kara/Whisper from Himmelskerze
Angora from Wolfwrathknight
Aisen from Halgalaz
Kirkki from Tarulimint
Karokia from DrunkPlrate
Claire from Primrose-Rachel
Sailor from XxPaintkittehxX
Suriv from Soul-Kokoro
Wrath from Toxical-Toon