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Forgotten Prisoner

She fidgeted her arms around behind her back, dissatisfied with the limited mobility. The rigid metallic armbinder painfully forced them together, spanning from her wrists to just above her elbows. She hadn't been conscious during the fitting process (whatever that had entailed), so if there was a way to remove it, it was unknown to her. It was a frustrating piece of equipment to be restrained by.

She felt similarly about the large, thick metal panel gag that stretched over her jaw and behind her neck. A long protrusion on the inside made sure her mouth was occupied at all times—she was familiar with gags like this, but that didn't ease her current state of worry.

In addition to embarrassingly having her shirt and bra removed, her watch had been stolen. But whoever had abducted her was surely interested in more than just petty theft. She could sense it. Her tongue slowly worked its way over the nub as she re-evaluated her situation.

The cell was the size of a small bedroom, constructed mostly of large, worn concrete blocks. Featureless save for a windowless metallic door on one end and a single fluorescent tube over her head, the slight chill present gave her just enough discomfort to feel the need to pace around to distract herself. It was a space that was not created to preserve its occupants for the long term, but to wear away at their hope; any thought that their lives would ever be the same again.

Her knee-high black leather boots gently tapped the hard floor as her breathing deepened. How long had she been here? It was getting harder to stay calm. In sudden exasperation, she dropped to her knees, giving her arms a violent yet futile tug. The resulting groan dissipated into the thick atmosphere of evil she now felt enveloping her.

A tear rolled down her cheek, stopped by the edge of her gag. She mindlessly spun her wedding ring around its finger, shivering slightly. It wasn't supposed to end like this. There was more to do, more people to help, more love to give....

An abrupt machine-like clacking sound caused her to look back up from the floor. Her heart almost stopped as the door swung open.

Honestly, this is the most satisfied I have been with a picture in recent memory. :iconpixeljail: really has a knack for honing in on the details that are important to me, and continues to be a valuable partner when it comes to adding to the gallery. This picture is so simple, yet it hits all the right spots for me. I hope you like it too!

Full disclosure: These restraints and this pose were referenced from a drawing by :icongrigbertz: which can be found here
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Interesting bondage devices and a nice short story. :)
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You're welcome. :)
Interesting story.
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I appreciate it!