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Already Happened: Otakon 2005 Otakon 2007 Otakon 2008 -- with Siege Otakon 2009 -- with Siege Katsucon 2010 -- with Siege Kami-Con 2010 -- with Siege A-Kon 2010 AnimeNEXT 2010 -- with Sith Otakon 2010 -- with Siege and Sith Alcon 2010 MAGFest 2011 Otakon 2011 -- with Siege Youmacon 2011 Coming Up Soon: Tigercon 2011 -- cosplays: Xerxes Break (Pandora Hearts) MAGFest 2012 -- cosplays: Professor Chaos (South Park), hopefully Heat Man (Mega Man 2) -- with Siege Future Cons: Katsucon 2012 -- cosplays: Xerxes Break, Vlad Plasmius, Professor Chaos Otakon 2012 Hope To Attend: NDK 2012/13 [if money allows] -- cosplays: Xerxes Bre


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Athena - art trade

made for dA

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YV- Heartbeat

Young Vampire

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oh god, my Buddy, my beautiful baby girl, my sweet lady, if i had known that grainy pixellated image on the webcam was the last time i would ever see you, i would never have ended that call, would've kept it going longer, not let you run so soon, anything to butterfly-effect you into somehow staying with me. and though i miss your brothers so much more openly-- the one who tore up the screen door and the one who chewed up my glasses (i wish i never would've sprayed Fred's paws with water or picked up George while he was sleeping) --but i ache for you. i said goodbye to George and Fred and held them, and the next thing i knew they were gon


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seat stealer

Emily and Me

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South Park kids seniors- set 1

My Own Fiction

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mother's child ver 3

pencil art

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miscellaneous fanart

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Mad Hatter Break- impossible

Bird 'n' Book Cosplay

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Uncle Break

Anime Conventions

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...even for robots


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Weeky and me

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great timing, writer


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Break eats a plate

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curly hair before and after


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