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How to Reuse Wig Fiber

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Hope this is helpful to you guys ^^ I know some of the pictures are discolored, I don't know why that happened, but I hope you can see them well enough anyway. ^,^

A few general things to remember about all wigs...

:bulletpurple: Keep your wig away from intense heat, as it will discolor and melt the fiber. This means no straightening or curling irons!!
:bulletpurple: When you're not using it, store it covered in cloth or plastic, to keep the dust off it.
:bulletpurple: Always use a comb, and NEVER a brush, to detangle your wig. Brushes work under the principle that removing loose hairs is a good thing; this is not the case with wigs, so you don't want to use a brush.
:bulletpurple: If your wig needs to be cleaned, wash it in cool water with a little Palmolive. Since caulk is waterproof, this is still safe on wigs with no-sew wefts; you'll just have to be a little more careful not to break the threads.

Ryou Bakura and Yu-Gi-Oh! © Takahashi Kazuki

No-Sew Weft construction technique referenced from Katie Bair (I worship her) and adapted to suit these homemade fiber swatches. Visit [link] for more information.
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I love finding helpful tutorials when it comes to wigs.
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Thanks for the tutorial! You've just saved my life!
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thank your soul 
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Have you seen Marik plays slender?
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Is there a replacement for caulk? Where I live, caulk is not easy to find here, especially not for a cheap price.
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OTL Reread it and got it, sorry ^^;
Is there a substitute for using chalk?
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Hi~ I'm not the person who made this tute, but I can't help but wonder where you got "chalk" from, it was never used in this tutorial Do you mean caulk? It's a different thing.
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Ah really? Sorry about that OTL
Im too new to this and thought it was a misspelling xd
Thank you for the correction :hug:
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Thanks for the tutorial!
I wonder a bit why we need to use chalk though o3o
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Thanks for the tutorial! I have to style a yami bakura wig and this will come in handy ^-^
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Thank you for this tutorial! *_* The name of the stitch you used is a "whip stitch." :D
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Thank you! This really helped me when making the wefts for my ponytails
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I love your tutorial, but I'm a little confused by step four. When you flip over the weft and the tape, where exactly do you put the caulk, on the noncoated side of the fiber, under the tape, or on top of the tape itself? Thanks a bunch :D
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Damn, thats a great idea o_o
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Niii! Bakura!!! AWW!!! SO CUTE!!!
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=D yeah this is a great help!
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Glad you think so!
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AMAZING tutorial- You have no idea how helpful this was!! :love::heart: Thanks for sharing, as I'm very poor and do not want to waste the pennies I pay for a wig!! X'DDDDDDDD :clap::tighthug:
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Aw, I'm glad you find it helpful! ^^
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wonderfully useful tutorial- and oh my goodness you make an adorable Ryou.
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