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Mythbuckers 2
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Published: November 23, 2011
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Happy Thanksgiving Everypony!

I really need to get around to drawing the aftermath of disturbing the beehive outside the library... It's seems to become a running gag.

Other Mythbuckers comics:

There is a Mythbucker's Fanfic! : [link] . My work is not related to this, but I will make art for the Fanfic if they ever write more chapters.

MLP:FIM is (c) Hasbro, Studio B and Lauren Faust
Mythbusters is (c) Discovery Networks
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Pikachu1089Hobbyist General Artist
Poor Twilight :(
gdpr-27114513's avatar
someone needs to make mythbusters/mlp fim crossover videos!
creeperslayer1's avatar
im watching mythbusters while reading this XD
Birdco's avatar
BirdcoHobbyist Digital Artist
I watched mythbusters before drawing it... thus the circle is complete
VectorMagnus2011's avatar
:icontwilightfacehoofplz: :iconsays2plz: "Spike! Are you crazy!!!!"

:iconderpyshrugplz: :iconsays3plz: " muffins?"

:iconmlpspikeplz: :iconsaysplz: "It's okay. I'm okay!"

:iconlolwutplz: :iconloolplz:
stemofathorn's avatar
Circles on his knee just waiting to have an arrow in them.
Fewroth's avatar
So she will hurt the dragon, instead of the muffin...
Buckykatt42's avatar
I think the problem is that Derpy subconsciously does not want to hurt the muffin.
randomjuicebox12345's avatar
randomjuicebox12345Hobbyist General Artist
wait. is mythbusters how the meme "I took an arrow to the knee" got started? I am confused.. :iconconfusedplz:
DrIshmael's avatar
No, Skyrim. is your friend.
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twdurganHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, but Spike, those thick scales will not work if the arrow hits...
Isfunadila's avatar
missed it by that much?

Redtriangle's avatar
RedtriangleStudent Digital Artist
Seriously! I will always doubt Derpy can shoot straight with googly eyes! :XD:
RaenBoow's avatar
RaenBoowStudent Digital Artist
Ohno... nononono.... (do I dare venture down the comments?) Skyrim no-- No put that comment down--No--NO!!! DAMMIT! xD
Dibullba's avatar
I used to bust myths like derpy, but then I tried to bust the arrow to the knee myth.
Birdco's avatar
BirdcoHobbyist Digital Artist
Is there any screen cap videos that explain that meme... because, I'm an old man with an old mans computer, so I don't think I could even run Skyrim, even if I wanted to... also, that probably not a game that you'd want to play with a 4 year old looking over your shoulder.
thebombbrigade's avatar
[link] this video explains it well enough :P
Birdco's avatar
BirdcoHobbyist Digital Artist
Spike: "i was a mythbucker once like Derpy, until I took an arrow through the knee"

I could so draw this in an hour or two once I get back from the holidays. It wouls be a good warm up for the next part of the Manehatten Project
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NOT THE BEES!!!!!!!!!!
prancingfox's avatar
Apparently in the Crusades, Muslims used long range bows and arrows to hit Crusaders from a far off distance by resting on their back, push their legs against their bows and long the arrow and string with both hands before letting go. Super long range and super effective in a barrage. Looks like Derpy is learning.
Birdco's avatar
BirdcoHobbyist Digital Artist
yep, I've read about that before. I've never personally tried it, because I haven't found a bow with a high enough draw weight to make it worth while.
fandude12's avatar
This is why ponies are not a playable race in rpg's
mortalshinobi's avatar
lol. derpy is so bad.
Kowalskiro's avatar
KowalskiroHobbyist General Artist

I think Jamie might get sued by Twilight Sparkle...
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