Thing-O-Meter HUD for Rainmeter v1.0
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I am no loger providing support for this skin.

You can check out the newest skin I made here.

Skin making is fun!
So here is another one, with a clock, 28 launchers and some other actually useful widgets which is much better than the last one.

Thing-O-Meter HUD v1.0

For Rainmeter 3.3+ and Windows 7+
This skin is designed to fit with all colors of wallpapers just in case you have 750+ pictures in your wallpaper folder just like me

angle bracket r Clock with day and date
angle bracket r Weather
angle bracket r CPU, RAM, SWAP Usage
angle bracket r Network Usage and Status
angle bracket r HDD Usage for 25 disks
angle bracket r Recycle Bin Usage
angle bracket r System uptime
angle bracket r Battery Status
angle bracket r 2x8 large launchers
angle bracket r 2x6 small launchers
angle bracket r Power control

Bullet; Yellow Credits: Not all skins shown here are originally created by me, some are modified versions of other skins:
Bullet; YellowWeather: Modified from Large clean Weather by Shivaism
Bullet; YellowPower control: Modified from BlueVision by g3xter
Bullet; YellowWallpaper: FTL AE

Bullet; Blue Created with notepad++ and Illustrator CS6
Bullet; Blue Credit me or link back to this page if you published a modded version of this skin or you created layout including this skin.
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Comments (132)
ZZR08's avatar
Hello good jobs,
how do we change the location of the weather in french, to have the weather in french and not english, thank you ...
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geekrojo's avatar
Hi, please fix the download link...thanks
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ToastyChicken's avatar
Where did you got this wallpaper form?
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FakinTheLights's avatar
So, you have those square things on the bottom, how do you get that?
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hawkn564's avatar
How can we get the "blur" of the old version?
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deadlink127's avatar
Hi was wondering if you could tell me what you used in your launchers at the bottom. I recognize them but cant think of what they are.
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NicktendoDS's avatar
what icons set did you use in the picture above?
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Nopeheh's avatar
I liked the old aesthetic style.
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deadpool05292003's avatar
if one was to download this and decided it was a bad idea, how would one go back to the default desktop?
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Josephi-Krakowski's avatar
Josephi-Krakowski|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm having a problem setting up the launchers, This is what I have for Deviantart page:


And the BG:

LeftMouseUpAction= !execute [#www.deviantart.com#]

What am I doing wrong?
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BirdAlliance's avatar
BirdAlliance|Student Digital Artist
Func4 = www.deviantart.com

LeftMouseUpAction = #Func4#
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Josephi-Krakowski's avatar
Josephi-Krakowski|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I figured that out when I opened the configuration settings for the small right launcher.
The example you put in the Right/Left launchers doesn't work, It doesn't explain that, This is the example:

That doesn't really work, What works is the example you put in the small right/left launcher, Which is this:


PS: Your hud still is still the best hud out there
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BirdAlliance's avatar
BirdAlliance|Student Digital Artist
I suppose that was a bad example.
Because only a very few programs (firefox, chrome, itunes) works when you only enter the programname.exe, and for pretty everything else the full path is required.

Anyway, thank you for pointing that out and your support!
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HearTyXPunK's avatar
So, uh, this is a weird question, but what's the font that you used on the skin?
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BirdAlliance's avatar
BirdAlliance|Student Digital Artist
They are all included in the skin folder under resources/Fonts
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bastiandragon04's avatar
It is working great for me, but I can't get the launchers to work.
I have a PNG image named "Chrome.PNG" saved in this pc/documents/rainmeter/skins/thing-o-meter v1.0/resources/images and it isnt showing up in my launcher...
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Citrumm's avatar
I'm completely new. How do you add programs to the launcher?
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dominick1233's avatar
I'm having a problem with the weather widget, I can change the link URL to the correct weather.com xml change and get it to show the proper temperature but it also shows JA right after the temperature almost like its in a different language, anyway to fix this?
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Arriator's avatar
Nooo, the link is dead ;_;
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MarketplaceFox's avatar
MarketplaceFox|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really like the skin, but I can't get the (normal size) launcher to open programs, is there something you have to do besides putting in the .exe filename?
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BirdAlliance's avatar
BirdAlliance|Student Digital Artist
If the path contains space, wrap it up with quotation marks
If that still doesn't work, use

[explorer.exe "full path to program"]
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AlexanderSct's avatar
AlexanderSct|Hobbyist General Artist
Now if only the skins had more depth... that would look awesome.
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PrettyLightning's avatar
seems amazing I 'll try
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Pogiiako's avatar
Can somebody do tutorials for the launchers
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