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SPECTRUM Launcher v3 for Rainmeter


I am no longer working on or supporting any of my rainmeter skins.

The source of this skin can be found at GitHub.

Bullet; Yellow Credits:
Bullet; Yellow GameHUB Launcher by not-Finch -…
Bullet; Yellow The icons used in this skin are from and
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How can i change the way it launch. Means I want to open it when I take my mouse over to the left side of the screen instead of top

Awsome Skin ... is there a way to change the color of the purple line?

Also, I dont know why the launcher allways stays on the background after clicking something. How can I close it after clicking?


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Going to post this here first before making a seperate post.

So I'm looking for some resources to point me in the right direction.

I love this skin, however there are a few things I want to change:

  1. I want to load/unload the skin with a keyboard shortcut instead of the default mouseover. Does anyone have an idea how I can do this with AutoHotKey? The problem is when if I try to load/unload MainFrame.ini manually on it's own(without activating via MouseOver from 'Spectrum 3.ini'), the LauncherGroup module loads fine, but doesn't unload with the rest of the skin when I click "unload", and stays in place until I right click and click "Unload Skin" manually.

  2. Another problem with the LauncherGroups is that the skin doesn't unload automatically after clicking any of the LauncherGroup shortcuts. I checked the code, and all the "links" have #UnloadSkin# in the LeftMouseUpAction line, but doesn't unload the skin at all(doesn't unload either MainFrame.ini or LauncherGroup*1,2,3,4*.ini). Any idea how to solve this?

  3. Whenever I click the MainFrame.ini, the active LauncherGroup gets blurred out, and I have to click a shortcut or click the group buttons to reload the Launcher group. I've tried using Load Order, but it's done nothing to prevent this from happening. Ideally I'm wondering if there's a way to load the background blue as a separate .ini that I can place absolutely behind everything else.


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A user recently asked me a question and I thought it useful enough to share here

Q: How to make a button open the launcher


In # Rainmeter install location #/SPECTRUM 3.ini find the section under [Activator] and set it to the following:










In # Rainmeter install location #/MainFrame/MainFrame.ini find the section under [Deactivator] and set it to the following:










What the above does:

ImageName - The absolute path to the image that you want for the button

W = The width of the button

H = The height of the button

X = The distance from the left side of your screen

Y = The distance from the top of your screen

Tip: Use the inbuilt rainmeter positioning for easier use, however this may cause issues with a few things and if it dosent seem to work well use the variables above

SolidColor = The static color of the button (should the image not be loaded properly it will default to this, so make sure its a visible color) - hex formatting

Hidden = Legit no clue what this does but i just kept it at 1

UpdateDivider = Also no clue what this does but i just kept it at 1

Alright for the last 2 variables you can choose between them - Put them under "UpdateDivider=" in both the files

For SPECTRUM 3.ini

OPTION 1: MouseOverAction=[!ActivateConfig "Spectrum V3\MainFrame"][!DeactivateConfig]

OPTION 2: LeftMouseUpAction=[!ActivateConfig "Spectrum V3\MainFrame"][!DeactivateConfig]

For MainFrame.ini

OPTION 1: MouseOverAction=#UnloadSkin#

OPTION 2: LeftMouseUpAction=#UnloadSkin#

Option 1 will trigger the launcher on hover

Option 2 will trigger the launcher on click

Q: I need more help!

A: Contact me on discord: SpoopyTim#7319 (May not respond 24/7 so be patient)

anyone knows why it doesn't detect the top of my monitor and it detects my middle of the screen instead only at the opening at when I unload the skin with mouse over it detects the top?

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you need to configure the config file to fit your monitor size, it "should" auto adjust but in your case that dosen't seem to happen

The app shortcuts no longer work no matter what i do

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I suggest either reinstalling the skin or reinstalling rainmeter, because its more likely to be just you than the skin itself

I reinstalled it several times and it still didn't fix the issue.

thank you so much

If you need check CPU temp from MSI Afterburner you may change this measure like this:




DataSource=CPU temperature

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¿Cómo hago para configurar los módulos y enviarlos a la posición inferior? Cada vez que hago transiciones sudece eso, los módulos se vuelven a enviar hacia la posición superior y eso es algo que no quiero que pase. Necesito ayuda.

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Lee mis mensajes

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Thought i might as well help some people out since the original author has discontinued the project.


Q: How do I open the launcher?

A: When you are on your desktop (don't have any windows open), swipe your mouse over the top of your screen and the launcher should open.

Q: How do I change the time to 12 hour?

A: There isn't a way to change it manually without writing some extra code in various files so if this is a problem that you have then it would be best to contact me directly (shown at the end of this message)

Q (Didn't see anyone actually ask this but thought it would be nice to answer): How to get the blur effect seen in the preview image?

A: Go to this link and scroll down to the part where it says:


Then click that ^

When it downloads, open the file and check only the second box (FrostedGlass.dll) and install. Once it has successfully installed, go to "%Rainmeter installation path%\Skins\Spectrum V3\MainFrame" and edit the MainFrame.ini file. Scroll down to the [Blur] heading and change "BlurEnabled=0" to "BlurEnabled=1" and save the file.

If everything went smoothly then you can head on over to rainmeter and refresh all. Enjoy your nicely frosted look when you open the menu!

Q: How to make Rainmeter start when my computer starts?

A: Make a shortcut to "%Rainmeter installation path%\Rainmeter.exe" and put it in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" (Make sure to have hidden items on in order to find the ProgramData folder. Unsure how? Look here).

Q: I need more help!

A: Contact me on discord: SpoopyTim#7319 (May not respond 24/7 so be patient)

how do I open the launcher

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Firstly, this is awesome.

Secondly, How do I change the time to 12-hour? it's defaulted as 24-hour.

I have a problem when opening the launcher menu, it says "Could not load library user32.dll for some unknown reason." It only loads the mainframe and not the modules.

It fixed it self, i dont know how. the biggest thing i did was switch from amd to nivdia

Nice, but UnloadSkin not worked on LauncherGroup. how to fix it : ) >>>LeftMouseUpAction=#Group1Launcher1Action##UnloadSkin#

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How can i change it, that everything is in the Background?

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