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By Birchteeth

Just wanted to put a journal out here stating my photo manipulations are open!  I'm having money troubles, and my family needs to eat, we go. xD

I'm going to price them at $10 per manipulation, with a $3 increase for a second character.  These are detailed like in my gallery!  I'll be taking five slots for now, and payment is due up front before I begin; PayPal only.  If anyone is interested, note me or comment here.  It'd be helping me out a lot!

I love doing big cats, wolves, etc.  Please note that I work from specific stock, and artistic freedom is a MUST.  No exceptions! You may give me a theme, however.

1.) :iconthextempest: (need info, not started, unpaid)
2.) :iconoliaander: (halfway through 2nd commission; paid)
3.) :iconchloe-dog: (not started, paid)
4.) :iconmekomiya: (info needed, not started, unpaid)

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Too bad you aren't offering art for points, your work is fantastic!
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Sometimes I do, but right now I'm in need of actual money, lol!  Thank you so much for the compliment.
littlecandies's avatar
if your still open, me please?
Birchteeth's avatar
I am, but it may take a couple of weeks for you to get your commission - I've got two other people in front of you that I'm working on. C:
Mekomiya's avatar
I'mmmmm ready to commission you now. :'D I should note you. Assuming you're still open. Yeahhhh.
Birchteeth's avatar
Still open, yes ma'am. Just don't be too hard on me, I'm still learning. xD
Mekomiya's avatar
Did someone tell you I give people a hard time? :| LOLOL. I will keep this in mind. :'D
FearTheLiving27's avatar
Aww mannnnn. I wish you were doing point commissions!
I am super low on cash right now, but I love your stuff, it's so good.

I'll have to try again some other time. ;)
Birchteeth's avatar
I could probably do one point commission for you, since I do need points to pay miss Lakela for the usage of her stock. :)
FearTheLiving27's avatar
Oh wow, really? :D How much points do you think you would charge?
I now realize my points are dwindling as well though, so I really might have to wait.
I have a little over 200.. :I
And I don't want to short you, because your stuff deserves exactly what you are asking for it.
Birchteeth's avatar
I'll note you. :)
oKaiba's avatar
ouuh are they still open? I would love for a spot in your list! I'll send the comm details once am home :)
Birchteeth's avatar
Mekomiya's avatar
Oh man. I will definitely be back when I get paid this Friday. c:
Birchteeth's avatar
Looking forward to it. C:
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