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Murphy's Treasures on Etsy by bipolargenius Murphy's Treasures on Etsy :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 1 0 Murphy's Treasures on Etsy by bipolargenius Murphy's Treasures on Etsy :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 0 0 Murphy's Treasures on Etsy by bipolargenius Murphy's Treasures on Etsy :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 2 0 Murphy's Treasures on Etsy by bipolargenius Murphy's Treasures on Etsy :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 3 0
The enemy is knocking on my fr
The enemy is knocking on my front door...
He's kicking and screaming and he's ready for more;
He'll show no mercy, killing the weak and the poor and He won't stop, He won't stop until there's no more....
No more blood to be shed,
No more prayers to be said,
No more mothers putting their children to bed.
He won't stop
Until there's left.
This is MY land, MY life, the free world for which my forefathers died
This is MY battle, it's my constitutional right
To stand up and fight
For what I believe in.
To take back my pride,
To take back my freedom.
The world, the world, the world is on fire.
If I don't wanna burn, I gotta learn to live higher.
MP 2012
:iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 0 0
Why Armegeddon?
As sick as it seems, there are a lot of people out there praying for armegeddon. I used to be one of them. Why would anyone WANT to see an end to the world? Well, I can tell you why I once hoped for the prophecies of Nostradamus, the Mayans, and even the Revelations in the Bible, to come true.
As a child, I was tragically aware of what evils exist on this earth. My boyfriend insists that losing a cherished loved one is the biggest life changing event that could happen to a person, but I highly disagree. I think death is simply the biggest, most life changing event that has occurred in HIS life.
By the time I'd reached the age of twelve, I knew that if I had it bad....other people had it worse somewhere in the world. After my mother left my father, we had no financial support, and she had no work experience, so we lived in places that weren't even ghetto worthy at times. Seriously....if you're family lives in the projects, you probably have a kitchen. I didn't, at some points. Just room
:iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 1 0
parachuter by bipolargenius parachuter :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 3 0 man with bird by bipolargenius man with bird :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 1 0 men in battle by bipolargenius men in battle :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 1 0 fighting action by bipolargenius fighting action :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 0 0 clouds on fire by bipolargenius clouds on fire :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 2 0 waterfall stairs by bipolargenius waterfall stairs :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 0 0 butterfly on a branch by bipolargenius butterfly on a branch :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 0 0 orange flower by bipolargenius orange flower :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 7 0 flip by bipolargenius flip :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 16 2 dance by bipolargenius dance :iconbipolargenius:bipolargenius 9 0


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as if i'd ever tell.....
United States
i don't hear voices, except for that one time....that's a question i'm asked a lot, while being psycho-analyzed. i'm a supreme example of duality in man - i represent all scales of emotion (well, i do what i can)'s not a mistake, it's just the way God made me - a little bit sweet, and a little bit crazy.


*my stock can be used by all DA artists, in manipulations, for prints and off-site don't need my permission, just note me, credit me, and link me.

*if used commercially, permission must first be obtained

*those are my rules. you can use my stock for any type of art - be it offensive, morbid, or plain disturbing....i don't care as long as you have fun with it.
(Though I DO ask that you NOT do anything pornographic with the pictures of my little niece, Lilli. Hoping nobody would....that's just plain wrong.)
i didn't ask to be born this way
i wish someone could fix me...
maybe if so much money wasn't spent on war, if people cared more about the welfare of humanity....
maybe then there would be a cure....

until then, i'm like a manic freak
work out twice a day, mow the lawn, burn that energy just so I can sleep
don't push my buttons
don't push my buttons
I believe the Hulk said...."you wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Problem is:
I don't like me when I'm angry.

I've got to get it out, there's got to be a way
I can't always clean up the giant messes I create....
someday it's gonna get me,
if that happens, then HE wins....

That motherfuckin devil.....
I just can't let him in.

I'm sorry. To everyone I've ever harmed. I'm sorry that my mentality has to tear everything to the ground. I'm sorry I'm fuckin crazy, I'm sorry I'm fuckin's gonna take more than pills to tame me...when an adrenaline bomb goes off in my brain.....when all my emotions start to rain down.....
run for cover
run for cover

whatever you do, don't stick around....I don't know what will happen, something else takes over, I never wanted to hurt you....I never wanted to hurt's just the curse I've been bestowed.

One day I'll die....and it'll all be over....until then I have to deal with this sober.

I do it for God. I do it for the rewards in the end. I'm following through, I won't lie or pretend. I do it for God.....I think He has a plan.
I do it for God....because He's the man.


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