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im getting ready to get back in to the swing of things on DA and other art sites after a year or so, so i thought i would get back in to the swing of things with some info about my self 8D

in a 22 year old electrical engineer from maryland with hobbies such as programing, gaming, exploitation, hardware hacking, photography and 3D modeling 

most of you know about my photography and 3D art but here's some info about my other hobbies 

Hacking: im a reformed ex blackhat hacker who ran a small cyber security pentesting group for some years, i focused primarily on OSX and z/OS finishing up on a toolkit in 2014 for exploitation on unix based systems, i have not done much sense 

Gaming: Gaming is my oldest hobby, i am a PC gamer mostly playing Arma 3, Minecraft, GTA V, CS GO, and Dirt 3 online, i also am a huge fan of the fallout series, skyrim, halflife and portal, currently i play Arma 3 professionally with a sponsored clan of 31 other players, we are currently working on a youtube series and considering twitch streaming 

Programing: C, C#, C++, python, ASM (x86-64 and ARM), and a bit of java with a focus on .net,i also do verilog, it works very well with my work in exploitation and ee 

hardware/software Exploitation: exploitation is something i have a ton of fun with ... from games to software to hardware its always fun to poke around in others work and make them do what i want them to do and exposing vulnerabilities and playing with the new trend of "internet of things" and how things are more and more getting connected and huge targets for hackers and exploiters 

Marksmanship: shooting is a hobby i picked up when i was 16 ... i mainly focus on sharpshooting a variety of targets (stationary, moving and behind objects) and currently work primarily with an M700 rifle and used to be in love with my AK-74 but switched to primarily long range rifles after the AR ban in my state (something i do support), it has been a good year when i last did a competition but it is something im looking in to doing again, during the summer i tend to find my self training in handgun use 

Electrical Engineering: More than just my profession and education its also my fav hobby, i design for fun, make stuff for fun and love to help others with it ... after several jobs and successful kickstarters im going to be going back to school after the summer and get my masters in EE with a minor in firmware design at UMD 

English: lol jk, i hate english XP
Patrion is ruining art, i have seen some artists switch to nearly entirely patron submissions and i worked out that it would cost me nearly $100 a month to unlock just 3 of my fav artists galleries on that site 

Welp now a huge chunk of art is only for those who can afford it .... goodby free art! 
My last trusty nvidia 480 died a few days back and i need money for a 980 DX .... my D90 is up for sale on ebay if anyone is interested!

i play arma 3 professionally and GTAV is coming out for PC in days! cross your fingers people DX

if anyone wants to make me an offer before the auction ends feel free to! 
Just a year ago i was designing high end test and measurement equipment, now im designing bluetooth connected vibrators, MOVING UP IN THE WORLD! 

Strange contract EE work is strange -3-

not been doing too much photography going back and forth between work, personal projects, school, podcasts and minecraft lets plays, i will be uploading some more electronic tutorials tho, dont worry they might not cover how to do direct motor control from cheap bluetooth modules for her pleasure XP 
Sorry i have not been very active with posting much on here lately, a mix of health issues, family issues and losses and working my ass off to save up and collage on top of a full time job is not exactly easy to do (i find myself doing work in the middle of class) ... my mind has been primarily in the electronic engineering mode and less in the artsy fartsy mode 
But i am on here daily leaving comments and viewing hundreds of uploads! Keep it up guys! ill try to get back at it over my vacation! 
I thought i would steal from X-AvienSky-X's journal and make this! 

The Essentials
Name: Alyx
Nickname: bio, [my last name], kitty
Location: 'Merica
Age: 22
Height: 6' 2" (1.88 meters)
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Any pets: 1 pitbull and 1 lab, 2 rats, a lizard, some feesh, and a dwarf hamster 
Favourite thing about yourself: my ability to sleep thew anything!
Worst habit: drinking way too much 
Fun fact: I dont like the rain, AT ALL 

Identity, Sexuality & Personality
Gender identity: bisexual
Sexual preference: Women
Romantic preference: Women
"Kinsey Scale" score: 2
Relationship status: Single :3
Myers/Briggs type: The fuck?
Hogwarts house: i have no idea 

"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": Night Owl
bath or shower: Shower
First thought in the morning: Who woke me up in the damn morning?
Last thought before falling asleep at night: Fucking anything that keeps me awake! 

Do you work or are you a student: Both
What do you do good: Electronics
Where do you see yourself in 5 years:  Start an electrical engineering company 

Habits (Do you…?)
Drink: Yes
Smoke: e-cigs
Do Drugs: Yes
Exercise: Yeah i lost my remote
Have a go-to comfort food: Sushi
Have a nervous habit: tap my foot

What is your favourite…?
Physical quality (in yourself):  Height
In Others: Piercings, hair, tats, 
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): HAHAHAHA HAHAAHAHA!
Food: Seafood, Sushi, chinese
Drink: Flying Dog "The Truth" 
Animal: Mekfloofdragongod
Artist/Band/Group: Bassnector, Celldweller, nero, stuff like that
Author/Poet: That good one
TV Show: Standup
Actor/Actress: Mat Damon 
Blogger: Dave Jones

Hi Guys! ... I NEED YOUR HELP! 
My My doggy shiloh has a large ear hematoma along with an apparent ear infection thats not going away and we cannot afford to get him much help, i'm asking if anyone knows of a good vet thats not very expensive in the potomac/gaithersburg area here in maryland or if they know anyone who can get us a discount!

Also if anyone is willing to help out you can send a small donation to over paypal, i don't have much to give in return and im not expecting much but every little bit helps! ... 100% will go towards shiloh and if any is left over it will be redistributed back ... its expensive surgery and im not expecting much but i am saving up my self! 

Img 20140717 203214 702 by BiOzZ

LOVE YOU GUYS! im dealing with financial troubles and obviously my dog so not much art recently but i promise i will make more soon! 

Sorry i have not been posting that much or being that active i have been working! 

BUT i can use this time to whore my self for a friend! she is doing comissions (FINALLLLYYYY) opening in the summer! and her art is amazing so take a looksie see…

I mean look at that skillSWAG

Mr. Big and Floofy by X-AvienSky-XNone My Own by X-AvienSky-X
My favorite Part of you by X-AvienSky-X
Mr.Grumpy Gills by X-AvienSky-XKissu by X-AvienSky-X

Bitches dont even know 
Over The Fucking Top Project im working on is a series of 3D renderings themed like a mix of Post-apocalyptic, steampunk, falliout, overthought, over the top style renderings

your probably just as confused as i am trying to explain my self here XP
First im working on a high-powerd but cheap boost inverter anyone can make! (also known as a boost converter)

this was made to only get to 50V but im working on another now made to get to 900v from 120v

im working on a series of electronic tutorials (will post one here soon) for basic electronic concepts

more 3D and general art soon
im going to be going a live streaming for 3D work but i need an idea of what to do
after lots of work programming and doing hardware and designing stuff i finally got it all running!

im installing all my software again so i can get started making new art!
yup! not just 3D i have some photography coming in the next week or so!
im heading out to NYC to help the cleanup effort .. im a certified electrician and i hope to help get AT LEAST SOMEONES power back
its like a third world country there!

ill be connected and hope to talk to you all soon!
ill be leaving in the morning
im working on a project and i came across a battery pack and i need help translating the bit of text on it ... not to much ... 13 lines most just a few characters long

PLEASE?! ... ill give you 20 points~

this is on a peace of electrical equipment so its probably not something you would learn in high school Chinese so im hoping for a native speaker? or parrents who are native speakers and can help? THANK YOU!!! ... note me if you can help!!! ... er comment XDD
first storm is about to hit and were going to loose power

on second thought ill talk about my trip later :/ ... still rather sad about what happened
First i just got a new phone (droid 4) and my backup file got corrupted (thats what happens with tape drives!) so i lost all my non-facebook and google numbers!

note me your phone number again if you have given it to me in the past (or just now ... new people! ... i dont call just text!!! ... i use Verizon)

AND SORRY! lots of comments and notes here but work threw on a huge pile of work i gota get threw on top of my best friends 21st birthday!
I have been active in the obama re-election campaign for a long time now ... not wanting to really get into begging for money i have stayed away from getting donations

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP ... american or not the man coming into office will have a button that can destroy the earth several times over ... do you want someone in office who cant go 20 minutes without lying or changing their position and is also confident that the end is near? or a man with 4 years of job growth and economic turnaround?

if you cant donate and are an of-age american GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!

DONATE ON MY DONATION PAGE!… 100% ligit and threw the obama campain website!!!

i have just a $200 goal so hell ... go for it!!

i need requests people!
im idealess D8

requests! as normal 100% free!!! anything!!
please? QnQ
Im working on a new desktop PC as my laptop is getting old

My goal is to create a computer capable of acting in 3 states, a supercomputer, a high end desktop and a eco comp

Here are the tech specs

Nake: Chell (after )
CPU: Intel i7 Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition 3.3GHz (3.9GHz Turbo)
Chipset: Intel Z77
GPU: 2X nvidia 480 (yeah its a 2 or 3 year old GPU but its capable of some extreme shit!)
GPU (N/D) : Nvidia tesla C2075 6GB 384-bit
HDD: 4tb (4x 2tb drives split into a 4tb RAID) 7500RPM
SSD: 1tb (2x 512 for games, OS and renderers)
RAM: 32gb
OS: Windows 7 64 bit, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, Backtrack 4 R3, and Tails OS
Cooler: CPU and the tesla is cooled with an 8 fan radiator ... GPUs are cooled with high speed 'silent' fans
PSUs: 1200W, 600W, 320W ... with just the 600W and 320W on you get 1 480 and all drives and all lights, with just the 600W you loose all but 1 CD drive and all the system lights
Case: Cooler Master Storm Trooper

Now how do i make an eco mode? the processor draws 150W alone!
simple and cheap ... a raspi
a raspi is a very very very low power linux computer the size of a credit card ... this will run off of the VUSB power from the 320W power supply providing 1 amp at 5V even when the power supply is off!

i will make a PCB that will fit in a PCI slot with 2 USB ports, 3 headphone jacks and an HDMI port ... the USBs i plug in my keyboard and mouse, one headphone jack goes to my speakers the other loops back on the speaker jack on my PC, the last headphone jack goes to a switch on my keyboard, HDMI port goes to HDMI in on my monitor ... where it automatically switches depending on what's on

giving me an 1ghz single core linux computer inside of a computer!

SO i have a $60 solution to how to make a super computer run off just 5W of power XD