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Clear Steam 2.0

Awwwww yeaaaah 3000+ DL, :chew:
well i can assure you guys that im working hard for the final version with EVERYTHING started from scratch again, i will of course be going another step further in my customization.


So contact meeeeee!


Yaaaay reached 1000 DL! If i reach 5000 DL i'll start doing a portal 2 theme!
And sorry for forgetting the Start flag !! :nuu:
It must have got lost in the usb transfer (my pc isn't connected to internet -_-)
So don't worry guys I've fixed it :w00t:
It's a program (that i didn't make :ashamed:) you have to run it as admin, and select the "start flag button" i made!


Wow one day and more than 650 downloads ^____^
thanx to all for the :+fav: and watches
and a little thanks to pc2012 for the basic mode "clean up" ;D


Finally finished,:typerhappy:

well not exactly a few things i need to finish off actually, I was hoping you guys could tell me what to change, and how.

Anyways here it is, I promised the release so here it is with all the other modifications,
the actual cursors and icons were done ages ago but a few things had to be tweaked.

This theme took a lot of time and testing because i went a step further in my customizing.:work:

I used my own imagination and did it by myself, as should a lot of other people do! (F*** thieves who get credit for other peoples works!)
But I do encourage people to look around and get inspired, even to actually "remix" an old theme, ONLY IF they NOTIFY they have done,
and actually DO significant changes!

:spotlight-left:What's new?:spotlight-right:

:bulletblack: Frames are squaaaare!
:bulletblack: Enhanced reflections! (older version made blur darker)
:bulletblack: New taskbar!
:bulletblack: New start menu!
:bulletblack: Fancy cursors!
:bulletblack: Fancy icons!
:bulletblack: New Start flag
:bulletblack: And moaaar!

Ah i nearly forgot, If you just want the cursors or the icons i have them in my gallery.

And one last thing... please give feedback! I WILL reply and take actions to satisfy your customization thirst !!!!

PS: pleaaase support with donations, you can find how to help me on my DA homepage! :meow:

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where is the link to download it
how can i get the theme guys
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Download it with the download button at the top right, read the read me and you’re good to go
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Need help in replacing icons. newbie here.
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Finally, a good theme! :D
I'm looking forward to the final version mentioned in one of your comments. Keep going the way you're going, and it'll be great(er)!
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Hehe well the final version is currently on pause due to intensive studying on my side *sigh* but i will be releasing it as soon as i'm done! i guess i might release a teaser in my gallery to give a little preview of what it might look like :3
Thanks for commenting!
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Well, after nine months, this is still by far my favorite theme. It's very minimalistic and clean, which I very much enjoy. I do have one suggestion, however. In the background of Windows Explorer/File Manager (whatever you want to call it), the white seems a little harsh and I think it'd be nice if it were darker and/or transparent. 
Thank you for the work that you do, and I'm looking forward to even more of it! :)
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Hey thanks hope you enjoy it :3 i will be working on the final version soon, i havent been able to do much since i have lots of studies atm, but stay tuned and i'll release it asap!
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Hey Dude!! Its a really awesome theme!! :)

But i would like to have those curved cornered window frames rather than the square ones.....
You can just tell me what to modify and where....and I'll do it all by myself.....
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^=^ i'm currently working on the final version (might be a bit slow cos of studies *sigh*).
But other than that the window frames are in the dmw window frame section if you use vista style builder. I can't help you if you use another program ):
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Okaiz....i have already done it....and ofcourse with VSB....:)

Nevertheless Thanks....
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k ill have a look!!! :3 thx for comment ;P
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Como y en donde se instala O.o?
How and where is installed O.o?
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Umm normally i gave instructions as a "readme" file. But if not, here is how it should go:

:bulletblack:patch your files with the patch program in the folder saying "theme patcher" (or something like that)
Note: select the one that says x86(x32) or x64 if depending on what windows your running, for more info, look up on google "how to install custom visual styles"

:bulletblack: drag and drop the folder and the ".theme" file in "c:/windows/resources/themes"

log off and on your windows account and right click personalize, and select clear steam 2.0, in the installed themes section.

I probably missed out some stuff, but i'm sure i gave the detailed instructions as a .txt file.

thx for comment
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Great job... thanks for sharing!!
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Thank you for downloading and commenting, hope you enjoy ;P
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Awesome theme! I love the start orb!
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I lovelovelovelove this!
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I thankthankthankthank you!:typerhappy:
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Screen looking awesome! Also added to favourites! But i will download later.B'coz time is 11:30pm,going to bed :-) ha ha..Thanks for share bro..!
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Thx for DL and :+fav:
Ps: the final version is on its way, beter than evaaaaa! :woohoo:
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