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Illustrated Art Submission GuidelinesOk. We get it that you’re busy. And maybe don’t have a lot of time to read. But here at the club, we’re trying to keep up with our motto to collect the best of the best by fans, for fans, you know? So we gotta have standards. Yup, standards. And we’re not trying to say you shouldn’t submit anything just because you’re not a pro. But we do want to see the best of what you’ve got when you submit!
To make things easy, we’ve updating our posting guidelines here with pictures! You’ll probably still want to read our full guidelines if you’re a rules stickler (and also if you get declined) but we’ll go over the basics.
The number one and most important rule: The BioWare Fan Club will only accept FAN created work fully done by you, digitally or traditionally. We’re not picky about whether you drew it by hand or as a photo-manipulation, but it does need to show EFFORT and it needs to be r

BioWare Fan Club GuidelinesClub Policies
First, submissions not meeting club criteria will be subject to a decline without comments. Please refer back to this Guideline if you have questions!
Club members are encouraged to write articles to submit to our Blog!
Contributor status will be granted to long-standing members with top quality submissions; please apply by petitioning an Admin
It's always sad to get a rejection in your inbox, and we don't like giving them out, either. But your acceptance of this club's membership comes with acceptance of our rules and submission guidelines. Reviewing the guidelines in advance informs you of what you can or can't submit, and gives you advance notice of what might be rejected.
The guidelines are not meant to discourage submissions. To make it a great club experience for all, however, the Admins here have made a few assumptions:
a) we assumed that you joined the BioWare F

BioWare Fan Club ValuesHi folks!  There has been a some debate about copyright issues in association with fanart on the BioWare communities lately. Without naming any names, I want to set folks straight on what we do and do not allow as a fan community, and how to protect yourself as a fan writer and artist.
Our humble BioWare Fan Club began as a handful of fans who really loved all things BioWare. We just wanted to have a place to share our fan created artworks and stories. It’s been amazing that we have since grown into a real community with hundreds of members. Wow.
As a club, we don't claim credit for creating the worlds or the characters, and do not try to profit commercially from our works. The joy of having a fan community is to be able to share, and indulge in your love of a shared universe. I very much want to keep the BioWare Fan Club as a SAFE place to share and express our mutual appreciation of BioWare works. Please join me in keeping it positive.
We’re a Fan Commun

Happy holiday/winter season, everyone! Life has been super busy for the Admins at the BiowareFanClub lately and I appreciate our warm, wonderful members for your patience with us!

A quick note that the Admin team will be reducing our direct responses to members until further notice. As much as I hate to say it, we're a bit slammed with life, so the most time intensive aspects of the club will be scaled down.

First, submissions not meeting club criteria will be declined. In the past, we've always provided detailed feedback on why, but because of the time required to write these for our hundreds of submissions, we're a bit unable to keep this up! It you are declined, it's not necessarily because we think your art "isn't good enough"! You can read our guidelines for the reasons we decline -- and there are many reasons! Please note that this includes FICS that don't have the correct formatting as well. Please, please, please read our rules and guidelines or just checkout the other stories to see how this is done. It's a quick, simple description that makes searching through stories easier for new readers. Of course, if you feel that a decision was made in error or without all the facts, you are still welcome to ask the administrators about it. We are only human, and we make mistakes, too!

Second, our news announcements will be less frequent, although we very much encourage members to submit your own blogs and news articles! You can submit this to the Group either as a deviation or directly to our club blogs. ALL members have this privilege!

Third and last, we are opening up Contributor status to members who are nominated by other group members. This means that if there is a fan artist you really like, let the admins know that you think this person should become a Club Contributor! Club Contributors *do not* need to go through the regular submission process to get pieces accepted. You can submitted to the club gallery directly!

Wishing you all a safe and happy winter season,


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