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Hi folks, a reminder that if you're looking for something fun to work on this winter, you are always welcome to join in on the BioWare Fan Tarot project -- it lives!

Don't know what this is? The BioWare ABC Project and the BioWare Tarot Set are two of our ongoing community art projects which are open to ALL interested fans who would like to contribute.

Checkout our humble origins on livejournal when a couple of batty BioWare fangirls dreamed up this crazy scheme (Tell your friends!):

BioWare ABC Project
BioWare Tarot Set

Our gallery on flikr:
BioWare Fan Tarot
BioWare Fan ABC

The following is a list of cards and characters that have already been claimed...

Dragon Age

Alistair - Six of Wands
Anora - Princess of Coins
Arl Howe - The Devil
Connor - Seven of Swords
Cullen - Nine of Swords *complete*
Fiona - The Lovers
Greagoir - The Emperor
Irving - The Hierophant
Jowan -  The Knight of Cups
Leliana - the letter "L" *complete*
Loghain - The Hanged Man *complete*
Maric - The Lovers
Moira - the letter "M"
Morrigan - The High Priestess *complete*
Mother (Broodmother) - Death
Nathaniel Howe - the letter "N"
Rowan - The Empress *complete*
PCs (Amell, Aeducan, Surana, Cousland, Brosca, Tabris, Mahariel) - The Fool
Sloth Demon - Seven of Cups
Witch of the Wilds - the letter "W"
Wynne - Queen of Wands
Zevran - Knight of Swords *complete*

Mass Effect

Ashley Williams - The Queen of Coins *complete*
Captain Anderson - letter "A"
The Illusive Man - Nine of Coins
Joker - the letter "J"
Kaidan - the letter "P"
Liara - Four of Wands *complete*
f!Shepard - the letter "P"
Samara - Justice *complete*
Saren & Sovereign - the letter "S" *complete*
Tali'Zorah vas Normandy - Six of Swords
Turian - the letter "T"
Zaeed - Knight of Coins

Jade Empire

Dawn Star - The Star
Silk Fox/Sun Lian - Princess of Swords

Neverwinter Nights

Valen Shadowbreath - Temperance *complete*

Knights of the Old Republic

Canderous Ordo - King of Coins
Jolee - The Hermit
Revan - the letter "R"

Baldur's Gate

Cespanar - the letter "C" *complete*
Gorion - the letter "G" *complete*
Imoen - Three of Swords
Jon Irenicus - The Magician *complete*
Viconia De Vir - The Queen of Swords *complete*
Xan - the letter "X"

How to sign-up

Sign-up is on a first-come, first served basis, and characters/settings are only assigned once. (We're trying to cover as much of BioWare canon as possible.) If there is anything that you feel strongly about drawing, snatch it up!

If you or a friend are interested in signing up, please comment on the project post or ping InverseReality-2 with the following information:

Your Name:
The Letter/Card You Want:
Art Proposal Description: (Please be as detailed as possible and be sure to name the character or other BioWare reference you will be using. Layout sketches are especially helpful!)

A reminder on guidelines: final images should be inked, colored, and a minimum of 3.5" x 6" and 300 dpiwith a vertical alignment (1050 x 1800 at 72 dpi). Click to download a PSD sample here. You can create larger images, but they should be able to scale to this size. Keep in mind that a border will be applied to the image at the end of the project (to make them all look consistent) so you'll want to leave a bleed area that keeps your central image intact. Final submissions should be posted in a common image format (JPEG, GIF, TIFF, etc.) and sent to the group admins for inclusion in this list. Looking forward to seeing the awesome responses!

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