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:bulletred: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY :bulletred:

Every journal thumb or/and link corresponds to the icon of the deviant artist below it.

Commission InformationI am now offering both plate glass and lighted block Gallery Glass pieces on commission.

I'm willing to do anything Dragon Age related... though I'm also willing to do Mass Effect and other game symbols--Bioware or otherwise.  For scenes or a freestyle idea, may I recommend :iconChibi-Hoshi:Chibi-Hoshi's work?  (Check out her gallery here:  Her mermaid piece was drawn freehand and turned out quite nicely.  Mermaids, fairies, art deco/neuvo... she can do all of that much better than I can.
Enough promotion.  Here's the details for my works:
1. Style:  Plate glass pieces will be in an 11x14 wood frame (black, natural, or whitewash) and can have one or two elements (the one I did for myself would be an example of a piece with two elements).
Blocks measure 8x8 and can

CommissionsI'm going to start taking commissions.  
I write mostly fan-fiction for Dragon Age but would be happy to try any others as well.  I can also write poetry and non fan-fiction pieces.   Prices will vary by length, complexity and type of piece requested such as poetry or short story.
Poetry will be $5-$15 per piece here is an example
Fiction pieces will start at $10 for pieces like this one
More complicated pieces like this multi part story   will run between $15-$35
If there is a request that is exceedingly long or complicated I would need to discuss the price with the requester prior to starting.  Send me a note if you're interested.
Devious Journal EntryCOMIC SHOP IS ONLINE !
Guys, I`ve got good news for comic lovers. My comic shop is now online and three HIGH-QUALITY titles are available for purchase!

What`s inside: six high quality erotic catfight comics in PDF format, 35 pages total.
Hardcore sexy catfights between sexy ladies in rage! Naked bodies, brutal smashes,
crunching bones of busty beauties - it`s all on the pages of this high-quality comic collection!
Don`t miss your chance to dive into the sea of catfighting comic fiction!
IMPORTANT: cover page is composed of actual panels from original comics, so the quality is the same, no hidden or false content! What you see is what you get.
Six complete stories in PDF format!
35 pages of hardcore erotic horror!
Price: 4.99 $US
PayPal friendly !

:bulletgreen: Please, before asking or commissioning, make sure you read carefully this guidelines. Note that I can change them whenever I find it necessary.
:bulletgreen: I have the right to choose what kind of commission accept and I can decline a commission before the payment has been made.
:bulletgreen: Commissioner can suggest some changes during the drawing/painting process, and I'll do my best to fulfill them, but, if I find that those changes are beyond my skill, I have right to decline this commission.
:bulletgreen: I choose my own schedule and pace, I'm not a fulltime artists, so, if you want something draw in 1 or 2 days commission someone else, I can't draw with that speed. Obviously, paid commissions have priority.
:bulletgreen: Commissions are for your personal, non-commercial use unless stated otherwise. You can print them, use as avatar, screensaver or such, but you cannot claim them as your creation. If you post them on other

Crystal, StonePendants, Rings for sale(update)2Here are some of the Crystal and Stone Pendants and rings that are Handmade and for sale! (made by me) spend $30 and receive shipping on me:)
All pendants  come with a cord for around your neck, ALL pendants come with a small black pouch to put your cyrstal and pendants in!
If you are unaware of of the healing properties of crystals check out the descriptions in each image.
note me if your interested and we will talk further:)
Medium Quartz Crystal Pentdant #2 by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SQuartz Medium Pedant #1 by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SLarge Quartz Crystal Pendant #16 by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SLarge Quartz Crystal Pendant #15 by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SMoonstone Peddant for sale by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SMedium Quartz Pendant for sale (B) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SMedium Quartz Pendant for sale (C) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SHand made Large Quartz Pendant (D) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SSmall Black Tibetan Quartz Pendant for sale (E) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SHand made Large Quartz Pendant for sale (F) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SLarge Quartz Pendant for sale (G) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0S
new: Large Quartz wire wrapped pendant for sale(AA) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SSmall Blue Kyanite Pendant for sale (BB) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SSmall Amethyst Crystal Pendant for sale (CC) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SAmethyst Crystal earings for sale (DD) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SBlue Kyanite Pendant for sale (EE) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SBlue Kyanite Pendant for sale (FF) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SLove ring for sale (GG) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SLove ring for sale (HH) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0SCopper wire wrapped ring for sale(II) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0Scopper ring for sale (KK) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0Scopper ring for sale(LL) by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0S:thumb368064292:small green flourite stone pendant for sale by TRAVELLINGTHEC0SM0S

Commission Meme by ReelLifeJaneway2
Commissions [OPEN]Any commission, however small they might be, is much appreciated!
Even if you don't want to commission me, feel free to spread the word around to friends and other deviants!
TO ORDER, send me a note with the following:
- Name
- Email
- Style of Art (below)
- Details: Characters, poses, colors, etc.
- If they are OCs, please provide references!
It's also possible to e-mail me at - as long as you clearly state that it's about a commission, so it doesn't get lost in junk mail.
The more information and references you can give for the commission, the better!
Sketches (no background) [ Examples: ]
- Portrait $8
- Waist-Up $10
- Full Body $12
- Additional characters +$5 (max 3 characters)
Color [ Example: ]
- Portrait $13
- Waist-Up $16

Hourly Price sheet by DrawWithLaura

Commission Rates
:pointr: :pointl:








Donations are welcome


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