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NOTICE: This is an invitation-only group. If you wish to join, leave a message in the BioShock General thread on 4chan.

Welcome to the Bioshock General group on DeviantArt! Here you can find original Bioshock content which has been created by the talented people of the Bioshock General community on 4chan's /vg/ board.

Our Purpose
We have a great community of content creators on 4chan that provide OC on a daily basis. However, due to the nature of 4chan, their OC is scattered and difficult to find. Worse yet, it's eventually lost and forgotten once a thread expires. This group is a place for their artwork 'till Hell freezes over.

Gallery art is categorized under the following subjects:
- 3DCG
- Elizabeth
- Booker
- Rosalind and Robert Lutece
- FanFiction
- Drawings
- Miscellaneous
- Bioshock 2
- Bioshock 1
- Screenshots
- Cosplay

May I join this group?
To join, you must already be a part of the Bioshock General community on 4chan. Feel free to +Watch regardless! If you're interested in joining the community, you can find us here: (search for the Bioshock General threads using Ctrl+F).

How do I submit content?
Under the Gallery tab, click on the "Contribute to This Gallery" button. From there you can choose what deviation you would like to submit and which category you wish to submit it to. Note: You must be a member of this group to submit content.

Other links
Official Archive:…
Official Steam Group:…

Gallery Folders

The Bioshock Genreal in a Nutshell by ArchiveBro
Here Forever by Ananina23
/bsg/ bar by Armaras
E3 Demo Elizabeth by Ananina23
Make America Great Again by Ananina23
Broken Heart by Ananina23
Smugger Liz by Ananina23
Cheer up! by Ananina23
Booker by Ananina23
This Booker Does Dance by Ananina23
Hercules by Ananina23
Cat Ears by Ananina23
Ice Cream Hair by Ananina23
Hair Concept by Ananina23
Elizabeth's Hair by Ananina23
I am Groot. by mamonyne
Burial at Sheep by mamonyne
Lutece Twins - Color by Dynneekx
Liz can Dewitt by Sussiebel
Rosalind and Robert Lutece
Role Reversal by Dynneekx
Columbia Girls by Dynneekx
Robert observes Robert observing Robert by ArchiveBro
wowmuchstoryveryIMISSLIZZIE by ComicCraft

Mature Content

Woot by ComicCraft
The Vox Vs The Commies Who Wins by ComicCraft
Steinman-senpai by ComicCraft
Bioshock 2
Big Sister Turntable Animation by Ananina23
Big Sisters by Ananina23
Eleanor Telekinesis Juggling by Ananina23
Eleanor of Silence by Ananina23
Big Sister at Anime Boston 2014 by Dynneekx
Bioshock 1
Bioshock: Descendance - Movie Poster by Myloman


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