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The Girl for The Debt.
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Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite  by merrypuppy1204  
Hi everyone, I'm new here :> Please take a look at my new art of Elizabeth 
Bioshock by ImanSpring     BioShock 2 by ImanSpring   Bioshock Infinite by ImanSpring   

Three Bioshock Posters designed by me, Take a look bioshock fans :)
I have a poem that I want to submit to the contest. It is called BioShock Poem: Raptured Skies.
The original concept was perfect and then they ruined it!
Hello, can I please join this group?
Can I contribute a piece here on your fan page?

Just a question: what is the original creator of the universe of "Bioshock Infinite" please? Is it a Deviant himself/herself? Or a TV series? Or a video games series? Or a movie? Or a comic/cartoon series?

Please, tell me, I would like knowing more about Lutece Twins and their universe...