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:below: Submission Rules :below:

:pointr: No stolen art!! Official art and concept art will not be accepted unless you are the artist for that work. You shouldn't be uploading that to deviantart anyway.

Trying to pass someone else's work as yours in general will get you reported if we catch it, so don't bother.

:pointr: No copies and traces. This is under the same category as stolen art in our book. I don't care if they help you to practice, they're unoriginal, boring, and overdone. I am tired of seeing things like this or this traced or copied over in my inbox and so is everyone else. Not only that but it is an insult to the original artist who created that work to have everyone else riding their coattails.

:pointr: No vectors. Yes, we know there is work put into this sort of thing, but we will not be accepting it into this group. It won't get reported, but we are tired of seeing vector sets of bioshock icons or posters in our inboxes and these are more appropriate for other groups. Sorry!

:pointr: No screencaps, demotivational posters, and other in-game content. Unless you are using them for things like wallpaper(see the "Wallpapers and Other Resources" folder description for rules on submitting those), we don't want to see them and more than likely they'll also get reported if we see it. It's not your art, and this is not photobucket.

:pointr: No rape jokes, etc in submitted work. See that section in our Rules of Conduct on the "About Us" for more specifics regarding that.
You may find that sort of thing funny, but we don't.

:pointr: Everything else: Our standards for submission are mostly written out in the descriptions of the folders above. If something has not been mentioned or you are not sure what is and isn't acceptable, just ask. We know you aren't mind readers and neither are we.
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