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:below: Rules of Conduct :below:

:pointr: No whining. If you have problems or concerns, take it up with the founder or other admins in a calm and polite tone via note, not the comments section. We will do our best to help you.

If you have an issue with the conduct of another member in conjunction to this group, by all means bring this up as well.

We will also accept appeals via note about a deviation that has been rejected from one of the gallery folders. You may ask for an explanation and also provide the reason for why you think it should be accepted and we will communicate with you on that matter. Please note that there will be only one appeal per deviation. Appealing over and over may get you removed from the group.

:pointr: Be Polite! Please do not be rude to other members of the group. Do not hold arguments in the comments section of the group-personal disagreements should be resolved in private.
Stay level-headed and remember that although this is the internet, you are speaking to real people and should treat them as such.

:pointr: No Spam. This includes private messages towards the group and the comment section. Please do not advertise in either place, however if you would like to have your group added as an affiliate simply send a request.
"Thanks for the fave on [x]"'s are not considered spam and are welcome in the comments so long as they don't include suggestions to check out other work-that would be considered advertisement.

:pointr: No harmful, degrading, or prejudiced language. What we mean by this is for there to be respect towards all persons while communicating in this group. Racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise bigoted language is unacceptable and will get you blocked from the group.
Likewise, we do not tolerate rape jokes or people telling others to "kill themselves."
Life is difficult enough for those of us who have been victims of rape and prejudice, so look elsewhere for those sort of jokes and slurs.

This is, however, a Bioshock group and we acknowledge that the game's content includes all sorts of these things. This is not a safe space from triggers such as homophobia, racism, sexism, rape, murder, and otherwise traumatic stuff because it DOES happen in-game, so take caution while browsing if you wish to avoid that sort of content. After all, the Bioshock games take place over 50 years ago and in violent dystopian societies.

We also understand the difference between a character's voice and your voice, so a picture of a Brute splicer displaying homophobic behavior is not going to be rejected nor will it earn you a block from the group.
Use common sense and think wisely!
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