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Vivica's Seven by BioProject04 Vivica's Seven by BioProject04
Vivica's Seven are the Vivica's strongest Psychic member of Black Snakes who took down Fearless Four (Masquerade, Katherine, Rood, and Delta) and Few pawns from Silver Wings (Masquerade and Rood) a long time ago. Which means, they still fight against a lots of heroes. 


Masquerade: Leader of Vivica's Seven and one of main antagonist in Infernal Fangs, he's the one who send Katherine and Rood to destroy Kandor City and eliminate Lirio. But, when Katherine left the Vivica's Seven, he replaced her with Amy who wanted to have a revenge on Katherine for stealing Sonic from her. In episode 7, Masquerade claimed he placed Epsilon's leech of the Elysium
(Death Octagon) on the Caesar's neck. If Arctic lose the fight from Lirio, he will order Death Octagon to suck all Caesar's blood in 3 second, and claimed Arctic joined Vivica's Seven by defeating
50 Psychics in exchange for having a Death Octagon remove from him. He asked Arctic to which person want to be sacrificed, but Caesar gave up his soul to save Lirio's friend. And now, they
said they're going to defeat him as a vengeance.

Level: 750 (9 Star)

Delta: Delta joined Vivica's Seven to recreate the world for his mother, but when Masquerade was defeated, Delta decided to take his place and fight Lirio and revealed his hatred of Non-Psychics.

Level: 800 (10 Star)

Katherine: The most powerful member in Vivica's Seven, she was a rich and famous pop star who had a miserable life because of people pretended to be her friends to make her get them what they want. But, she left when Lirio tried to save them with his heart and show her a true meaning of person's feelings.

Level: 650 (8 Star)

Rood: Rood was a member who sent by Masquerade to destroy Lirio and Kandor City, but he withdraw his moves  when Katherine stopped his Laser Arm.

Level: 450 (6 Star)

Amy: Amy is only Non-Psychic member and weakest of Vivica's Sevens, she joined them to revenge Katherine for stealing Sonic and blaming her for sang a love song, buy him a drink, and
received a love letter from Sonic to make him fell love with her. She was given a power to increase strength, after during a battle with Katherine, she lost her power for losing.

Level: 5 (1 Star)

Arctic: Arctic is a soul reader and good friend of Lirio in his childhood. He joined Vivica's Seven to save Caesar, and lied to Lirio about he joined Vivica's Seven because he wanted to.
After Caesar sacrificed to save their friends, He helped Lirio to defeat Masquerade.  In episode 8, he become a Knight of Silver Wings.

Level: 450 (6 Star)

Masquerade, Katherine, Rood, Arctic by me

Amy from SEGA
FrostTheHobidon Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017
BioProject04 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thanks, I wonder Frost will do when Masquerade explain his plan. (It's in his info)
FrostTheHobidon Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017
Frost is willing to stop him with all his might, he might train more for the strong enemies he faces
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