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Sacred Treasure: Reaper by BioProject04 Sacred Treasure: Reaper by BioProject04
Reaper is a Sacred Treasure Moves that only obtained by 8-10 star Psychic. (10 star Death Scythe use fragment of their eye flame to create Reaper, just like Delta reveal this in episode 5) It takes form of Psychics' emblem, strength and powers are connected with one who wields it. For example, Delta's Reaper gained all powers from his hatred of Non-Psychics and powerless people, that's the reason why he took down Claw easily and stole his soul.

Psychic with 8-10 star:

Lirio: Lirio is a 10 star Gorgon who have this technique without becoming a Death Scythe, because it was passed down by his father. But in episode 10, Caesar gave up his soul to Lirio in order to become a
Death Scythe to save Iris, Katherine, and Kohaku from poisoned by arm band. (Masquerade said he placed Vampire Creature called "Death Octagon" on Caesar's neck to sacrifice him by ordering it to suck out all blood from him. If Arctic can't defeat Lirio. After Caesar left, his Reaper become stronger after he become a Death Scythe.

His Reaper have form of long sword with purple aura surrounded and gained power of helping people, he used this technique during a battle against Marlie.

Iris: She gained this power before she leave Black Snakes for Silver Wings. In episode 7, Iris claimed she used this technique on her opponent, but it keep targeting on the wrong area. Her last fire arrow struck her target when her thought become stronger.

Her Reaper is flaming bow and arrow, it allow her to shoot multiple arrows when she launch one.

Techno: His Reaper is a spear telescoping spear that capable of attack the opponent in the long range, Techno used this in the battle against Frost when he use Blizzard Kamehameha. He used his Reaper to reflect it and claimed he's a 9 star Psychic. Which means, Frost's powers won't work against him, because his star level and power level is higher than him.

Katherine: Katherine's Reaper is dual bow gun like Mercedes and able to fire her 10 reality arrows in 0.3 seconds. She used this technique when she fight Masquerade, and allow Lirio to reach Delta and fight him.

Delta: Delta's  Reaper is different and massive sword that gained countless hatreds. In episode 5, he sacrificed Claw and took his soul to become a Death Scythe. His Reaper have an ideal power that never be broken, but during final battle with Lirio, his Reaper is destroyed by Lirio's Reaper.

Alpha: Alpha's Reaper is a strongest Reaper that contain all Psychic's powers.

Lirio, Iris, Techno, Katherine, Delta, Alpha, Shade Zero by me
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This Looks amazing
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