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Heart Ripping by BioProject04 Heart Ripping by BioProject04
Heart ripping is Gorgon's formal killing method that invented by Three Gorgon Brothers. It's very powerful and instantly kill opponents with ripping out their hearts with sharp claws and crush it. 

In this technique, Gorgon can increase their Dark powers by crushing hearts from opponents instead of defeat them with powers. 


Lirio: Lirio's heart ripping technique was passed down by his father, Kyle. He didn't use it because he don't want to frighten his friends. But, he finally used it against Delta, Grief, and Asma.
Asma said he's a monster if he keep ripping hearts out of all villains, but he didn't cared. Lirio can use it much as he want, long as he don't scare people.

Kyle: An elder Gorgon Brother who helped Fearless Four to stop Claw. Long ago, Claw was in rampage on the Obidon, he decided to help Caesar just because he's a good friend. When Fearless Four lost to Claw, it's his turn to face him. Kyle ripped out Claw's heart and cut out half of Claw's Dark powers. After Obidon return in harmony, he gave Caesar a heart and want him to crush it. 

In another Episode, he also crushed Darkmoon's heart for lying to him.

Epsilon: He ripped out thousand peoples' heart to gain his power to wipe out, when resurrected Claw failed to stop Kyle and Caesar, he ripped out his heart and crushed it. 
He also ripped out Gwen's heart to use her as a sacrifice.

Maron: A youngest Gorgon Brother who have extreme interest on his elder brother and nephew. He stuffed thousand hearts inside the cupboard, and frightened Anna when she opened it and hearts fell over her

Delta: Delta can use this, but it's unknown.

Vivica: Vivica ripped out Luna's heart when she lost to her. She tried to crush and kill Luna when "Maycoy" tried to stop her. But she did.... Crushed it. 

Kyle by me 
FrostTheHobidon Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018
creepy but cool
BioProject04 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Thanks, I wonder what Claw will do after Kyle ripped out his heart and crushed it.
FrostTheHobidon Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018
Claw is immortal, he finds a way to cheat death

Claw is like Dr. Doom and Sephiroth combined  
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