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Gorgon Brothers Redesigned by BioProject04 Gorgon Brothers Redesigned by BioProject04
Gorgon Brothers are the first Death Scythes with strongest Dark Element powers. In the legend, These triplets brothers become a 10 star Death Scythe to save people, but Epsilon started to get hatred around Non-Psychics when they treat them like a monsters and not thanking them for saving their lives. That made him to attack Obidon. Two brothers stopped him by sealing him away with their Archenemy (魔王) and bind him into deepest underground in Masteria. After Obidon destroyed and melt into Elysium's atmosphere, Kyle and Maron created their children to save people for them.

Kyle: Elder Brother of Gorgon Brothers and father of Lirio. He always help his son to protect the Elysium and get his 10 star powers, sometimes he have to help out Frost and teach him to fight.

Epsilon: Older Brother of Gorgon Brothers, he's one of main antagonist who planned to create the new world. After he gave his Gorgon fragment to Vivica, Epsilon decided to help Dr. Eggman for his vengeance against Non-Psychics, and send Iris and Delta to defeat Sonic and his friends. 
In episode 18, he asked Kyle to join him.

Maron: Youngest Brother of Gorgon Brothers and Lirio's brilliant uncle. He's a Gorgon researcher who developed thousand Dark Elemental moves. He appeared in Episode 10, Maron helped Lirio and his friends to defeat Delta and Epsilon. After Delta was defeated he searched for Leon's soul 
to resurrect Leon to Frost, so he can return to earth.

Kyle, Epsilon, Maron by me 


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December 31, 2017
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