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Exceed 2 by BioProject04 Exceed 2 by BioProject04
Exceed 2 is a power that more powerful than anything less, this can be only obtained by 8-10 star Psychics or Death Scythes. In comic, countless Psychics use Exceed 2 to perish evil from taking over the world. 
And if Psychics defeat villains with their Exceed 2, they gain new power.

In episode 6, Lirio and Delta used this power in their fight.

Exceed 2 Psychics:

Lirio: His Exceed 2 called "Certain Apocalypse," which gave him an eye flame that triple his strength and speed, this can make Lirio twice as faster than normal each time he absorb the darkness, and capable of strike opponents before they teleport. This Exceed 2 become Frost's greatest weakness and make his training fail to defeat him.

Kyle: He have same Certain Apocalypse like his son, but stronger. he used this once when he fight Epsilon.

Delta: Delta's Exceed 2 "Demon Strength" is a power that make his skills very powerful: Vector Arrow that never misses, Kurogane that cause critical damage, Hood that never break down, Pick that drill down and strike the opponents (It's possible for him to drill through the shield). But his Exceed 2 failed to defeat Lirio.

Ariana: Her Exceed 2 "Absolute Zero" freeze her opponent with Ice Beam, Blizzard, Frost Breath, and become as easy for her to crumble as a cookie, but remain deadly to everyone else. Ariana only use her Exceed 2 to save people from burning buildings, but in episode 10, she freeze Luna when she interfered her battle against Katherine.

Katherine: Katherine's "Thought Paint" allow her to draw her dream and mind into reality, and easy for her to control it. In episode 3, Katherine used this to made Amy lose Sonic for made her life miserable. She used it again to win the game for Anna.

Marigold: Marigold's "Recovering Angels" are capable of recover her friends' energy completely and eliminate poison, paralyze, and burn. That made her a useful member of Feathers.

Frost: Unknown

Lirio by me
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