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Delta by BioProject04 Delta by BioProject04
Name: Delta

Age: Unknown (Appear as 18)

Gender: Male

Element: Dark (Ice, Fire, Electric, Wind, Fairy, Psychic, Mind by using power capture)

Power rank: 10 souls (Death Scythe)

Species: Gorgon

Known as: Shadow's Successor, New Ultimate Lifeform, Dr. Eggman's powerful weapon, Sonic Slayer

Allies: Black Snakes

Enemies: Sonic, Lirio, Silver Wings, Claw, The Fearless Four, Team Sonic

Backstory: Delta is one of main antagonist in the series and main hostile enemy of Sonic. Epsilon used him to invade Obidon for his vengeance against normal peoples, during a battle between Gorgon Brothers and Fearless Four, Delta used Archenemy to tear out half of Caesar's power.
(That's the reason why his right eye is blue, and his left eye contains his original powers.) After Caesar was weakened by Archenemy, Epsilon sealed 
Caesar and Fearless Four into the deepest dungeon of Elysium. Delta said if the world is destroyed, he want to wipe out all powerless beings. After that, he will create a new world and towns for Psychics. In episode 10, Delta received critical injury from Lirio, and wrap his wound with bandages.

Moves: Sacred Weapons, Pick, Hood, Kurogane, Vector Arrow, Archenemy, Stolen powers (Caesar's powers)

Personality: Delta's personality is extremely cold and horrifying. For example, Lirio, Shadow, and Delta are Ultimate lifeform with three different goals. Unlike Shadow and Lirio, who want to find out their identity and help people, Delta have a vengeful hatred against normal beings. When he was little, all people called him a monster and tried to eliminate him. His grudge and hatred overflows and result the destruction of Mobius.

Delta by me
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October 21, 2017
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