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Death Scythes by BioProject04 Death Scythes by BioProject04
Death Scythes are the strongest Dark Elemental Psychics in the series. In Elysium, all Gorgons had a mission to save their pleasant world with their Dark Powers. So, they talk about who will be Meister (Master of Darkness) and their offspring will become a living weapon (Death Scythe.) If Gorgon gain 100 souls, they become a Death Scythe and able to draw out more Dark Power to save the world. Few years later, Three Gorgon Brothers become a first Death Scythe in the Elysium, but when they're freed from Earth, Epsilon gained anger and hatred against normal beings. He asked other Death Scythes to join him to get his vengeance against people. And he did, he become an evil Death Scythe.

List of Death Scythes:

Lirio: Lirio is a Gorgon who have a power of Death Scythe that passed down from his father, he denied Kyle from devouring Frost's soul after he met him at the first time. Lirio claimed his father that he want to let him do what he want, and fight for him. And if Kyle want him to devour Frost's soul and become a Death Scythe, Silver Wings and Black Snakes are the same. Kyle agreed what Lirio said, and allow him to spare his life. He raised Frost like a older brother (Just like Gunvolt kept Joule) In Infernal Fangs, Lirio became a Death Scythe after he devoured Claw's soul.

Delta: Delta is a Death Scythe who stole half of Caesar's soul during a battle against Hobidons. In the comic, Delta said he started to have hatred in different way. Delta was injured by normal children when he was young, and unfairly blamed by his teacher. 

Alpha: Alpha is a successor of Delta, when he decided to abandon his hatred after he met him.
because of that, he devoured Keru to become a Death Scythe, Alpha said Keru is inside him and he's not allow him to be separated. He said he will destroy everything for Epsilon's hatred.

Haku: Haku revealed himself as a Death Scythe to Lirio, he said Maroon helped him to defeat all villain and drain out soul in each days. After Lirio become a Death Scythe after devouring Claw's soul, he said he think they'll going to be "Gorgon Cousins."

Lirio, Delta, Alpha, Haku, Kyle, Epsilon, Maroon by me 
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