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Typhlosion TF by BioniclePokemonfan16 Typhlosion TF :iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 10 0
Space-Time Distortions 7: Dawn AR
“I’m home!” Dawn called into the house as she stepped through door. Upon not receiving an answer back she stepped into the kitchen and found a note attached to the fridge,
I knew you were coming home today but I needed to get a few things from the store.
I will be back home in a bit
-Love mom
Dawn shrugged, no big deal. It gave her a bit of time to relax a bit before having to tell her mom everything about her journey. After putting her things away in her room and letting her Pokemon out to play in the yard, the 11 year old kicked back on the couch and switched the TV on. As she mindlessly flipped through channels, a crack began to from in the wall behind her with a faint light emanating from it.
Eventually, after flipping through channels for what seemed like forever, Dawn stopped on a familiar tv show. The show's intro featured a Piplup, a Chimchar, and a Turtwig running through various cave and fighting various Pokemon before the logo showed up “Pokemon
:iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 2 0
Fusing with the Shadows - Reuploaded commission
Bryan came home from work with a sigh. The scrawny young man had short brown hair, as well as a black T-shirt stamped with "Jimmy John's" on one side. He lived in a humble apartment a few floors above a noisy street, streaked almost artistically with headlights in one direction, and taillights in another. Aside from doing two part-time jobs, he would not have called it a miserable life- just not a particularly good or interesting one.
His only consolation was a room full of books, toys, and cartridges. Shelves upon shelves were lined with an elf in a green tunic brandishing a sword. There was a tin of mints shaped like a shield - all uneaten, of course, so as to keep the entire Hylian shield inside its plastic wrap.
Yes, Bryan was obsessed with the Legend of Zelda series. He had everything anyone could possibly procure related to the franchise, from old 8-bit games to Smash Bros. for the WiiU and 3DS. A scrapbook containing images signed by Nintendo staff and a ticket stub for "Symphon
:iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 9 3
Space-Time Distortions 6: Misty AR/TG
Arceus materialized in the space between realities and was baffled and enraged by what he saw. Chaos reigning supreme as time and space in multiple realities were warped.
The deity witnessed yet another reality get struck by unrelenting energy, as the power of space and time already altering the inhabitants.
“Enough!” He shouted as he body lit up with a golden light. The light began to pulsate off as it began to neutralize and contain the energy.
As Arceus began to track down the source if this chaos, he knew that one or more of his children would receive a stern talking to.
Misty sighed as yet another day came to a close. The young, 14 year old, gym leader rolled her shoulders as he gathered up her Pokemon to take them to the Pokemon Center after yet another long day of challengers, battles, and badges given away. After having done this for so long now, Misty was starti
:iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 14 0
Nicole Gardevoir TF by BioniclePokemonfan16 Nicole Gardevoir TF :iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 20 0
Space-Time Distortions 5: Iris Axew TF/AR
Iris wandered through the old, dilapidated, Victory Road with a look of total annoyance on her face. The reason being is that some upstart trainer thought it would be a good Idea go through the old victory road that had collapsed little under a year after Team Plasma launched their attack on the League, and now that Trainer has been reported missing, along with a few other people around the Region. And while the four looked on the outside and higher levels, she was tasked with searching the lower ones.
Iris turned a corner and came face to face with yet another collapsed section of the road, aggravation clearly setting in. “THIS IS WHY WE CLOSED OFF THIS PATH!! Why do we have to find this brat!?” Iris vented. Sure she guessed that she and this missing trainer where probably the same age, so calling them a brat was like calling a pot calling the kettle black but still this was getting ridiculous.
Iris double back and tried a different path thinking that there had to be a cle
:iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 8 0
Space-Time Distortions 4: Serena Fennekin AR/TF/TG
Within the void of dimensions, chaotic waves of energy crashed into various realities. The energy warping the inhabitants in minor, or even extreme, ways.
As the Unown struggled to contain the waves of energy and determine their point of origin, a stray wave of energy struck the Dimension belonging to their lord and master: Arceus.
Arceus stirred from its slumber in the Hall of Origin after feeling the realm shake with an unnatural energy. Arceus took a quick look around the hall it’s eyes stopping on a small part of space as that section began to bend and twist.
Arceus, knowing that that was the start of a distortion, blasted the spot with a bolt of energy, destroying the distortion and releasing its energy safely into to the realm.
“If a distortion managed to materialize within my realm, then something must truly be wrong,” Arceus said to itself as it opened a portal. “Time to go see what is wrong”
:iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 23 0
Space-Time Distortions 3: Ash TG
As the chaos in the void between dimensions grew, a small group of Unown looked on rather annoyed.
‘We just finished that special assignment from Arceus’ They thought ‘Now it will all be ruined’
The Assignment was a dimension where Ash had started his journey at age 15, to test a theory that if Ash had started later he would have a better amount of common sense. As the Unown where blown away, the waves of chaos struck the new dimension.
“AND STAY OUT!!” A rather angry, female voice yelled as Ash was kicked out of the Celadon city Gym.
“Hey! What’s the big idea?” Ash said as looked back at the girl, recognizing her from the Perfume shop he passed on the way here. “I am here to challenge the Gym leader and you can’t decline a challenger! There are rules and regulations!” Ash continued.
:iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 19 0
Space-Time Distortions 2: Maylene Lucario TF
In Veilstone City, within the newly repurposed Team Galactic hideout, and scientist typed away furiously at his keyboard and running between various monitors.
‘Why today?’ he asked himself. ‘Why today of all days did a distortion to pop up when everyone else had taken the day off?’
The scientist in question was the leader of a special research group formed the Pokemon league after Team Galactic's defeat. The team’s sole purpose was to figure out the cause and effect of Space-Time Distortions. However, it had been slow going. The Distortions that they wanted to study hardly ever formed and they were stuck relying on old data recorded by Galactic. So when his team asked him for the day off, he thought what was the harm and let them have it.
And now, today of all days in the far off region of Hoenn of all places, a new distortion to pop up. He was running around the lab trying to set all the equipment in the lab to record the energy wavelength and frequency a
:iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 12 0
Space-Time Distortions 1: May Age Regression
This Story contains: Pokemon Characters. Age Regression, and slight diaper use
No Like, No Read
EDIT 3/6/18: I noticed a few Grammar errors and a few lines that didn't feel complete. I also respaced it to break up the big wall of text.
There where a number of reasons why Giratina was banished to the Distortion World, but only one of them had any real importance: Space-Time Distortions. These reality warping anomalies appeared with every blow Palkia and Dialga took at each other, and they fought a lot.
The anomalies first appeared in the Distortion World before they began to manifest in the Mortal Worlds, and as long as they were destroyed by Giratina before too long they would remain harmless.
Unfortunately for Giratina, it’s two siblings seemed to love fighting one another on an increasingly more frequent occurrence, which began to wear down the banished Dragon. One day, after destroying hundreds of distortions, Giratina collapsed onto a small i
:iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 13 3
Skyu by BioniclePokemonfan16 Skyu :iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 4 0
Revitalizing Vacation
This Story Contains: Pokemon, Transformation(TF), Age Regression(AR), and Mind/Memory Change/Rewrite. No Like, Don’t Read
Nicole, a well renown trainer, was enjoying a vacation in the Alola region. Swimming, tanning, shopping, eating, and while she was there catching the unique Pokemon the inhabited the four islands of the region.  She was currently on Poni Island, as she had heard that some rather strong Pokemon had made that Island their home. Currently she was making her way to the Battle Tree, a special location that famous trainers on Champion level from all over the world had been invited to, that was pass the the Poni Plains and she had to go through the Poni Grove.
As she made her way through the grove, she was on a lookout for any new Pokemon for her to catch. As a trainer, the thought of new Pokemon was incredibly enticing.
As she turned a corner sh
:iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 17 0
Recaptured Chance
Samus Aran once again finds herself saving some Mysterious creatures from the Federation and stumbles into a once in a lifetime opportunity. Contains Pokemon, Transformation, Age Regression. Don’t like Don’t Read.
Samus Aran had landed down at another Galactic Federation research station uninvited, again. After she blew up the B.S.L, along with the X Parasites and the whole Planet of SR388, The Galactic Federation had branded her a Traitor, Terrorist, and a Murderer and had placed a large sum of money on her head for her capture. However she still had friends on the inside of the Federation, Including her old squad mate Anthony Higgs, who had just dug up another lead on other research station that might be trying to weaponize Metriods and engineering Bio-Weapons based off her old foes the Space Pirates. Samus made her way through the ventilation sy
:iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 4 0
Reborns GunCannon by BioniclePokemonfan16 Reborns GunCannon :iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 1 0 Reborns Gundam by BioniclePokemonfan16 Reborns Gundam :iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 1 0 Gundam Barbatos by BioniclePokemonfan16 Gundam Barbatos :iconbioniclepokemonfan16:BioniclePokemonfan16 3 0


Patreon Request #20: Tataru's Carbuncle TF
The light of the lamps flickered within the Rising Stones, the air chilled with night's touch. There was nary a soul awake within the gathering place of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn—the collection of adventurers such as Hoary Boulder and Riol were either out running errands or asleep in their beds… much like those key few confined to the infirmary, yet to awaken from their cursed slumber. The Warrior of Light, Eorzea's sole hope, was elsewhere—no doubt they had their own business to attend to. There was nary a soul awake. Nary a soul… except one.
In the dim lamplight of the Rising Stones did a Lalafellian woman scour over a large tome, her eyes tired yet focused as she read the text and studied the diagrams, trying to make sense of it all. Tataru Taru, the accountant and receptionist for the Scions had been all over the place over the last few years. From Thanalan to Mor Dhona to Ishgard to the Far East… and back here again. She had come a long way, afte
:iconweebwriteman:WeebWriteMan 5 0
Being Popular: Lass Trainer's Grookey TF by FezMangaka Being Popular: Lass Trainer's Grookey TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 67 8 Alolan Vulpix by TheNornOnTheGo
Mature content
Alolan Vulpix :iconthenornonthego:TheNornOnTheGo 97 10
Elite Mom: Bertha's Kangaskhan TF by FezMangaka Elite Mom: Bertha's Kangaskhan TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 87 3 PMD: Team Aether by FezzioBeans PMD: Team Aether :iconfezziobeans:FezzioBeans 48 3 Lucian's Espeon TF by FezMangaka Lucian's Espeon TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 130 7 Commission for jigglysama by FezMangaka Commission for jigglysama :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 115 5 Commission for Redmond17 by FezMangaka Commission for Redmond17 :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 79 2 Commission for Redmond17 by FezMangaka Commission for Redmond17 :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 137 4 Commission for BioniclePokemonfan16 by FezMangaka Commission for BioniclePokemonfan16 :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 107 9 -STH SKY Babylon and Sanctuary- by Biko97 -STH SKY Babylon and Sanctuary- :iconbiko97:Biko97 410 68 Zanroark by DinoDoggo Zanroark :icondinodoggo:DinoDoggo 86 6 Commission for TigerheartFire by FezMangaka Commission for TigerheartFire :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 70 3 Commission for RedShiftFA by FezMangaka Commission for RedShiftFA :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 166 6 Commission for Hispanic-Zuoh by FezMangaka Commission for Hispanic-Zuoh :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 133 7 Wordplay: Roark Zoroark TF by FezMangaka Wordplay: Roark Zoroark TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 171 10


43 deviations
Typhlosion TF
A commission from :iconfezmangaka: of my FFXIV Character being beaned into a Typhlosion. If you are wondering, He is a Miqo'te(cat person) and I just really like the Leon/Squall jackect that is in the game as glamour.
If you are wondering what server I am on, Balmung on the new Crystal data center
304 deviations


United States
Average adult with autism who comes up with wired story ideas


I Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!if you can raed tihs rpsoet it. OLNY PUT THIS ON YOUR PRILOFE IF YOU CAN RAED TIHS. CNAHGE THE NMUERBR AT TOP TGOHUH, "ONLY __ PEOPLE ON DA CAN READ THIS...CAN YOU?" Go up a nmuber if you can raed it...lte's see how hgih we can get!


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