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I love this film bruh, Disgust was one of my favorite's in the film. The quality I watched "Inside out" was shit since it's not released yet in the UK plus it would only run at low quality but you know what I still loved it.Disgust Chat Icon 
EDIT: Jfc, I get like what 80+ mentions a day from this one chat emote omf how did I get this much Mentions. 50% of my time on here is deleting mentions and 100% worrying if I deleted a mention that had my name in it, RIP.
EDIT 2: Why is tis getting so many favorites I can't.
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Is it okay if I use this in my journal? I mean I already have, so do I need to add in my journal that this was by you?
I found this in the "emoticons" section of "add media," please don't hate me :(
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No you don't need to credit me, it's a chat icon it's free use.
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This icon is amazing!! :D I love it, thank you so much. Disgust was mah favorite too. =P Second would be either Sadness or Joy, lawl. 
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I love her too!!! Eeeeee she is so cute! 😍 My new favorite character! And she is greeeeeeeen my favorite color and our personalities are alike! :heart: Shes even inspiring me to draw more!!! :iconmitunadanceplz: lol whooops sorry got excited. ^^
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Mind if I use this as my Icon??
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I don't mind, as long as I'm credited somewhere on your profile I'm fine with it.
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Okay I'll add it too my favorites so people can see that you made the icon :3
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Your welcome and thank you for letting me use this as my icon :)
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