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September 28, 2005
The first thing I thought when I saw ~bionfant's gallery was "Why the hell does he have a picture of David Hasselhoff in his scraps?". The second was that jan smit looks pretty damned awesome. Bequeath some love to him!
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jan smit



nick datta vs. daan derksen
oxy 10: metropolis
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Some would say abstract art is in fact not art at all.  Reasons for this range from disassociation from reality to laziness on the part of the artist.  I think it depends on many variables.  This clearly has a significant amount of detail, which is exciting to me.  And as an abstract artist myself, I know that a lot of time can go into picking the right variables prior to a lengthy render.  Another factor that always exists though is preference.  As with anything, the object is at least as valuable as the observer attributes to it. 

This is really great, and I think any formal artist must also recognise artistic qualities like color contrasts, soft transitions, positive/negative space, and focus points.  This is a very climatic experience for my eyes, and while it may take more to make par in our modern digitally-supplemented generation, I reserve the right to celebrate any picture that can spark imagination.  Nice job!