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Basic Information:

Name: Pali
Nickname: None
Gender: Mare
Breed: Anomalous equine
Bloodline: Purebred Hihiri
Age:  7 years
Birth Season: Spring 1987
Eye Color: Brown
Build: Light Build
Height: 15 hands
Phenotype: Black Based Dappled Grey Tobiano (Tiger Carrier)
Design Sheet:…
Genotype: EE/aa/nG/nTo/TsTs                                                                      
Mutations: Fin (Auto) Pescetarian Diet (Auto) Fish tail, Gills, Eel mouth

Herd Information:

Herd: Hihiri
Herd Rank: Hunter
Current Location: Swimming in Hihiri territory

Personal Information:

Sire: NPC
Dam: NPC
Mates: None
Offspring: None

Personality: Loyal-Not Confident-Determined-Curious
Pali is a very loyal mare to the Hihiri herd. She prides herself in being a Hihiri and always tries to stay out late hunting to find a few more mollusks for the herd. However, she’s very naïve and she isn’t confident in herself. This lack of confidence tends to get her into embarrassing situations. She is however, very nice and likes other Hihiri. She might not open up at first but she will in time. She is curious and will most likely get distracted by strange things. Which could get her into trouble.

History: She grew up with very loving and supporting parents who always told her stories about ancient Hihiri. Because of them, she takes pride in the Hihiri herd. However, her parents were first time parents and they weren’t that experienced. They would do everything for her and shielded her from the dangers of the world. This made Pali believe she needed to rely on others because she wouldn’t be able to do it herself. When she was younger, she was attacked by a shark. Although her physical wounds healed, her mental hasn't and she's deathly afraid of sharks. This has made her reluctant on swimming out too far or too long, even if it is for the herd. But if something does threaten the herd, she will put her fears aside to do the best she can on helping or protecting the herd. Even if it means protecting a young one from a shark. As for relationships, she doesn't have many. She likes watching the foals play and she enjoys listening in onto old tales. She even likes having light conversation with other Hihiri but she's not much for deep relationships unless she knows the other well. 
(Note: Pali endured a Vigil when she turned three and was chosen to be a Hunter. Her spirit animal is a whale shark, ironically, but whale sharks are gentle giants)

Skills & Abilities:

Ability: Fleetfoot + Bloodhound
Herbs/Medicine: 0/100- Basic [Age Cap: 49 Points]
Magic Type: None
Magic Level: None
Agility: 24/115 – Basic [Age Cap: 49 Points]
Stamina: 20/110 – Basic [Age Cap: 49 Points]
Strength: 1/25 – Basic [Age Cap: 49 Points]
Experience: 0

Points Breakdown:

+14 Agility – Build Bonus
+10 Agility - Starter Bonus
+10 Stamina – Build Bonus
+10 Stamina - Starter Bonus
+1 Strength – Build Bonus

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Thank you! My pretty little eel baby
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Lil pretty Pali, I love her so much!