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it's power armor time
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Published: January 16, 2010
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Powered Exoskeleton Armor
E-115-powered, armored exo-skeletal suits are the pinnacle of infantry armor technology. While they are not much bulkier than Heavy Combat Armor, built-in synthetic muscle actuators greatly enhance the user’s strength, and advanced alloys and composite materials are used for maximum protection. Unlike conventional armor suits, exo-skeletal armor has to be custom-made for each user’s physique, increasing the already astronomic cost-per-unit even further. Exoskeleton users must have a Neural Interface Port Implant, and require proper training to use the suit at its full potential.

Illustrator, Photoshop, Wacom tablet.
Can't say how many hours.
Original sketches as a commission by [link]

This is meant as a showcase for the new illustration style for my RPG project. The full color artwork takes way longer to create than the old pencils, and I obviously need some help from real artists, but I think it might be just worth the extra effort. Coming up next: craploads of colored guns.
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cloudstriker15Hobbyist Writer
I want one of those
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But Duke Nukem and Doomguy used usual body armor.
ArMANRazoR's avatar
It could be Power Armor from Fallout as well.
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just to let you know, I am an avid fallout series player, and use mods on my computer. and one day I found a mod where a person turned your armour into a mods. just thought I should bring it to your attention
biometal79's avatar
Pretty sure it's not the same. There's similar armors out there.
hamburgercranium's avatar
he said he what inspired him which lead me to your armour :P
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TheRussianBurritoHobbyist General Artist
Would you have a quarrel with me using this as an armor in an RP I am apart of?
biometal79's avatar
Permission Denied.
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savagehenry89Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sweet armour
anispasiapoke's avatar
awesome pice of art wort but why are the lines so defined
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RolueVasReisaProfessional Writer
Amazing work on this! Very nice! I love it and hope u don't mind me using this for a rp =D yes i'll credit u, amazing work once again
biometal79's avatar
No derivative works please. If you just link it, it's no problem, however.
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The-BenT-OneHobbyist Digital Artist
this is relevant to my interests
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i wish it was the future...
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I really like the realism, for example the maThat is great thinking.gazines are carried on the outside, for speedy reload.
megadolon013's avatar
Combine this with a 7.62 mm rifle or a .50 cal. assault rifle and you got a perfect combination to fight anyone. Add later on a laser rifle and pistol, wow. This must be based on X-COM: Enemy Unknown/UFO Defense. Can't wait for your version of X-COM: Terror From The Deep and/or X-COM Apocalypse. BTtW if you happen to know any RPG that it is based on them, I played RIFTS, SHADOWRUN and I am a gamemaster for ROBOTECH, Please let me know. Would love to play and have rules so others could play.
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Stigmartyr762Hobbyist Artist
This is a serious piece of work here. :)
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i like the intestine muscle shit under the armor. I dont think i like the thick outline on this one though
iKallen's avatar
Im still waiting for a starship troopers remake thats more along these lines... cool work!
oFallenAngel's avatar
Know how the human soldiers in movies always freak out when they see the aliens. With this on, I bet the aliens would be the ones freaking out ; )
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i can imagine a soldier with a suit like this using some sort of heavy caliber slug cannon, with like a slowish rate of fire

almost a bit like the walker cannons in avatar
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