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October 9, 2008
The Chosen by *Biomech44 is a jaw-dropping example of a gallery that quietly grows better and better. The excessive decoration has become a consistent texture that piques the viewer's curiosity and invites to a feverish journey through demonic horror vacui. Complemented by equally contorted stories, these images are well worth the patient observation they require.
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The Chosen

Continued from The Herald

She didn't know how long she'd been there or even how she got there but Lacey didn't care.She knew it couldn't be real but the sun on her face,the light breeze on her skin,the rolling fields of the most gorgeous flowers and the gentle flow of the river's water on her feet was perfection.Dream or not she never wanted to leave.She closed her eyes and began to drift at peace within herself for the first time in her troubled young life.


A faint voice broke through her reverie startling her."Who..??"

A thunderous crack tore through the fields and in awe she watched the mountains behind her shatter and the world blinked out in a blinding flash of white.She opened her eyes and saw a time display on the lime green wall of the maternity ward.It read "4.00am Jun 6 5150".She closed her eyes and was in the field again.

"Mother help me..they're coming!!"

Another crack as the fields around her exploded into the air and liquid fire erupted from beneath..followed by the blinding white light.She open her eyes again to something she could not believe..the ward awash with blood,all the other mothers butchered,and their "unborn" children laughing and playing in the gore.She screamed,they looked at her and wailed in inhuman voices.She closed her eyes against the nightmare and opened them again in the inferno that was once her sanctuary.

"Mother..please wake up.."the voice louder more scared..finally got through to her.

"Brandon??What's wrong baby??Who's coming.."She remembered the dream she had,the thing and its message,the nightmare they had all shared and she began to panick.It was just a nightmare right?It couldn't be real?A rush of hot air seared her face and she turned to
see a wall of fire rushing straight towards her..blinding light again.She opened her eyes and recoiled in horror.The unborn children were hanging by their severed umbilical chords from the railing of the curtain partition around her bed.They were in religious iconic positions of prayer and sacrifice,both what was considered good and satanic,and were laughing and mocking her.She screamed,they screamed and pointed at her,and she closed her eyes.

"Mother..please!!Wake up!!I'm not alone!!"She opened her eyes,the fire was upon her."Mother!!Don't let them take me!!!"

"Brandon..I'm coming baby"As the first lick of fire scorched her skin she dove into the river..and awoke to the glare of operating room lights screaming the words "..don't take my baby".Immediately two women were at her side trying to calm her down and push her gently back down.She couldn't here what they were saying at first,but she began to recognise them and where she was,she also saw the time display on the sterile white wall."4.30PM,JUN ,5150".

"Lacey,it's alright sweetheart,you're safe and so is your baby.It was just a nightmare..not surprising though after what you've been through poor child."

"Mother Superior?Where am I,what's going on?"

"Agatha to you child,and Dr Jacob and Annie is here too.You're in the delivery theatre hon,you're about to give birth to your little boy"

"But how can that be?What happened to the last two days?"Lacey asked.

"Let's leave that all to later shall we.."Dr Jacob said smiling
"This little fella seems to be in a hurry to join us."

Lacey didnt know how she hadn't felt them when she woke,but she felt them now.contractions thick and fast.She so wished she wasn't in a drug rehab centre and wasn't a recovering addict,The Sisters Of Illumination's natural child birth policy totally sucked.

"Hold my hand Lacey.."Agatha smiled"and don't worry about the swearing.""

I wouldn't swear in front of you Agatha"Lacey said honestly.

"Of course not dear"Agatha squeezed her hand."Now be a dear and help Dr Jacob and push"

A short while later and a string of profanities that made even the doctor blush,Brandon's cries were filling the small theatre and to Lacey he was more beautiful than all the flowers in her dream world.

"I'll just clean him up and then you can hold him"Annie said.She turned and went to the little station whilst the doctor and Mother Superior congratulated Lacey.He was still crying as she cleaned and hummed to him when his tears turned to black,then to a whispy smoke which soon billowed black and thick from his now solid black eyes."Doctor.."Annie started before her throat was constricted silencing her by a hand,then nightmarish vision solidified in front of her.

"Hush now little one"said the being in a female voice,gentle and barely a whisper.before snapping her neck and tossing her limp form aside.

Dr Jacob charged toward the female nightmare as she reached down and picked up Brandon but was stopped by a finger placed againt his chest,instantly,by a second nightmare."No"said the being in a male voice,its cold furnace eyes boring into the shocked doctor's eyes,as it penetrated his chest and drove his heart out through his back.It pulled its arm out of the doctor and offered it to the female who shook her head.

"Pathetic and weak aren't they?".

"Yes"the female answered coldly and turned her attention to Lacey who was screaming trying to get to Brandon but was being held down by Agatha.She turned to the male and in her cold whispered voice casually said."Free the mother and let us leave this place."

He moved to do so but Agatha stood in his way reciting passage and prayer."Move aside"he said to her in a tone not unlike a parent who is trying to keep their patience with an irritating and petulant child.

"I will not!"Agatha spat defiantly."Begone from here demon,you will not touch Lacey and you will most certainly not take her child!"

A crack split accross it's face in a hideous smile."You believe you can stop us?"

"With the power of God and his son yes!"

The female appeared to glide right up to Agatha and with her free hand touched her on the right side of her face."Your faith is commendable sister..but comes from delusion and lies."She smiled slightly,her burning eyes
suggesting almost sympathy and definitely pity."Yet we are not "demons" and your "God"is not here..never truly was."

She sighed as Agatha called her a demon once again..whatever that meant..and a liar,and was still talking as she uttered the word "Burn" and put the diseased cow out of it's misery.Agatha was ash in mere seconds through which both creatures casually walked through to stand and look down at Lacey.

"Please..give me my son.Please..don't take him from me,please don't hurt him!!"

"We have no intention of doing either.You are to come with us."The female said.

"What do you want from us?Who are you?!"Lacey asked,her voice betraying how close she was to losing it.

"Your questions and all you need to know will be given you soon enough,till then relax,for truly you have nothing to fear.You have been chosen and we will allow no harm to befall either you or your child"The male smiled hideously again in an attempt to comfort her.

"Chosen by who..for what?Talk to me!"Lacey shouted at female touched her and suddenly she felt calmer and very drowsy.The Female looked to the male and nodded.A long razor,or scapel,extended from one of his fingers and he placed it against her neck gently.

"What are you doing?"Lacey struggled against unconsciousness.

"We have to release you from that you may come with us."The male said matter of factly.

"You'll kill me.."Lacey started.

"Think of it as not killing you but liberating you from this rotting prison.Persephone,if you please."The female nodded and said one word to Lacey."Sleep".The male began to cut and before she could even scream everything went black.

When she opened her eyes next she was at first not sure they were even open.There was no light at first,but gradually her eyes adjusted,and she looked around and then down at herself..and she could not believe her eyes..if they were even truly her eyes anymore.

"Ahh,you're awake..good."A soft yet cold voice spoke in her mind.

"Persephone..?"Lacey looked around but could not see her,only the dark void in which she floated."Where are you?Where's Brandon?What have you done to me?"

"Be calm Lacey,all is well,you have nothing to fear."

Persephone's voice was somewhat calming to Lacey,though she knew not why.Truth be told she'd like nothing more than to kill the bitch.

"A normal human reaction..though a distasteful thought nonetheless.You won't be suffering those..thoughts..much
longer.Once you have seen Mother you will truly be one of us,both in body and soul.Till then I apologise for any "emotions" you are forced to endure."Persephone said genuinely."Truth be told we originally only needed The Chosen..excuse me..Brandon,unfortunately Mother has become even more weakened by her condition and bid us to bring you as well in the hopes that your being his mother will give both Mother and Brandon the power they need to fulfill his destiny and enable us to fulfill ours.Though until she has met with you and is sure you are what she hopes and can truly aid us,she can not risk spending more energy transforming you totally into one of us,thus only the physical transformation is complete.""As for where I am,I am with Mother,who is enabling me to talk to you in the pocket realm in which you reside.Your
physical form is to large to be on our world,and until you are fully transformed,you would not survive in our space."

"You are not alone though,many spirits from your world..Human,Animal and other..that have visited our realm throughout time through their dreams and decided to stay and become one with us have chose to sacrifice their own forms and become one with you to guide you and keep you company.Though,again,only when you are fully one of us.Brandon is also with you."

"He is.."

"Look down Lacey,he is in your arms.He is a boy now,we had to age him to withstand the power and fulfill his destiny,which is why you may not recognise him..but surely you can feel him in your heart."

"Oh my..Brandon?"He looked up at her as best he could and smiled and she felt his warmth flow through her."Let me guess..he can't talk to me right?Until your Mother changes me fully?"

"I'm afraid so,being a child he accepted the transformation and became one of us easily.The bond between you could never be broken,it's sacred to us,he loves you as he would even if he was still human.You are together,for now that should be all that matters.Now rest,I shall be back when Mother is ready for you"

"Just one moment Persephone."

"What is it?Speak quickly as Mother needs to rest"

"After all she has done to us..all she's put us through..I'm sure she won't mind me asking two simple quick questions
will she?"

Persephone picked up on Lacey's returning anger and sarcastic tone and secretly spoke to Brandon and the other spirits to use their influence and calm her."Go on..but please I ask you be brief."

"All I want to know is two simple things."Lacey said suddenly not feeling as pissed as a second ago.She suspected it wasn't her own doing."What is this Destiny you keep talking about..and who exactly is Mother?"

Persephone sighed."All you need to know will be explained by Mother when she meets with you,both yours and Brandon's destinies will be clear to you then.As for Mother,she is all.She is our Mother,she is our God,she created us and all we know."

"Forgive my ignorance..but how can your God be your Mother?Are you saying you are all Gods too?Am I to be a God as well?"

Persephone sighed once again."On your world they have a saying "Mother is the word for God on the lips of a child"..maybe that will help you understand.The rest will be explained to you by Mother herself.

"Can you at least then tell me her name?"

Persephone did not answer at first,then barely audibly answered.

"Her name is Gaia"

To be continued....

Hope you all enjoyed "The Chosen" and thanks for looking and taking the time to read.Till next chapter take care :D

Actual size A4 and drawn with 0.1 Artline pens.Feel free to download for full detail viewing.:)
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I can spend hours looking at the details of your work. Biomechanical worlds are like that. They are made up of trillions of complex biomechanical organisms, each of which performs its function as an organ in a giant organism. Such worlds can be explored endlessly.

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Wow this is incredible!!!
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Damn. This is awesome
Biomech44's avatar
Thank you so much :D
Tobias-Kane's avatar
it rules!!!
Nuf said :D
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You have been featured in The Best of Australian Art in 2010 News Article [link]

Please fav/heart the article :heart:
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Thank you so much my friend :tighthug:
BeautifulBizarreMag's avatar
Its my pleasure :heart:

Happy New Year my dear :party: :party: :party:

I wish you all the best in 2011!!!!!!!
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you are absolutely ridiculous. in the absolute best way possible.
it would incredible even if there was nothing in particular there, but there is heaps and every little thing is so well done. wowowowowwoww.
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Thanks ever so much , you're truly kind, so glad you liked it :D
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looks really good---
Biomech44's avatar
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I just read that the size is A4!really can´t believe..the more amazing ........ .
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I have lost my words! :wow: I never thought i would see such a detailed piece! :faint: i could stare at your artworks for hours!!!
Biomech44's avatar
Thank you Irene you are truly very kind :hug: :D
that is so amazing there is just so much to it and there is alot of work put into it
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Thanks so much Melissa :hug:
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holy crap this picture is flippin amazing!!!!! how long did it take? lol, my names in the story.
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Thank you Lacey :hug: Lol..and you're the main character too ;) Roughly between 25 - 30 hours. :D
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