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Why's the group icon changed to Glitchie's icon? Does he know it's being used this way? :?
Thank you very much for the request and for putting my photo into the featured folder! :aww:
I'm sorry could you move my photos to the proper places, or could I? I pressed contribute art at the top; I didn't know it went to featured (I'm new to DA) D:
Featured is where it gets submitted to - there are quite a number of subgalleries, which is confusing to some people, so I prefer to do it myself. I apologize I haven't sorted stuff for a while, but I will try to catch up this weekend.  Thanks for joining us though, and I'll get to that when I have a few spare minutes!
Hi there.
Would you like to be affies with 
:icondeep-blue-kingdom: (Save the Great Barrier Reef in Australia) (Save the Great Barrier Reef in Australia)
Hi! I'm a marine biology student from the small town that recieved the largest impact after the oil spill, Grand Isle. I just wanted to say thank you guys for caring and keeping this issue alive! The media does not speak of it anymore however it is still a mess. I've recently talked with BP workers cleaning up and they said there is not a dent in the cleanup. I recently visited my favorite beach two weeks ago and was greeted with oil spill signs. So thank you for keeping the awareness alive and well! Its a long recovery, but I am confident that our beautiful Gulf Coast will be healthy again!