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Wings of Fire - Winning the Future


“I may have won the future…but, Thoughtful - I have lost everything…!” 


As a Wings of Fire artist drawing Whiteout is sort of obligatory. LOL
I imagine this to be either on the volcanic island after the Nightwings flee their home, or right after Darkstalker leaves to find Clearsight. Either way, poor Whiteout loses her entire family, and all of her friends. It's a testament to her strong character that she is able to build a happy life with Thoughtful and her dragonets. BTW I thoroughly enjoy Thoughtful quite a bit as well, I'm glad Thoughtout is canon. They make a pretty awesome pair. 

The art is drawn by me. 
(x) Used this as a reference for the background. 
Whiteout, Thoughtful, Wings of Fire (c) Tui T Sutherland
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Love your art, this is going straight into my favorite pile =P love to see my fav character with her soul mate :D

Edit: ty Bio for liking the comment lol

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oh poor sad whiteout :(

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I love this sOOooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo mUuuuuuUUUUuuuch!!! :hug:

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Mervelous! :D I love it!

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Can I be mad at you for giving this a, you know, happy title until you realize that winning the future is bad in this case bIO WHAT HAVE YOU DONE
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*Discord eyes emoji* 
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Awww they r perfect for eachother!!!!
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Is Whiteout actually dark blue?
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Admittedly, she's "black with hints of sapphire blue" XD I think I probably didn't have the right markers here and just made her scales dark blue for convenience. 
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I love the picture. I'd watch it every single day.
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I guess you could say her arc was...


I'll show myself out.
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Oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

( actually oh yes ;) )
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Just posted - thank you so very much!!…
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*weeping with luv 4 Whiteout*
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Question: do you mind if I put this picture up on the Wings of Fire Wiki along with other pictures that are considered canon in the book? It'll display that you are the owner of the picture, and it'll be under the fan art category.…
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Oh yeah go ahead! :D Thanks for asking! You could also credit my canon Wikia name, Pseudodragon. Whatever you prefer! 
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I've been waiting forever . <.
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YASSS WHITEOUTTT Man I am fangirling EVERYWHERE with these Wof drawings!Great job with Whiteout.
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OOh so pretty!

Wow really well done. This scene just brings tears to my eyes...
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Thanks! Yes, it was a sad one :( Mostly though I really wanted to draw Thoughtful comforting Whiteout! 
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Poor Whiteout, she didn't deserve this ;^;
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