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Wings of Fire / Warriors - The Real Stick Bois

By Biohazardia
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You can grab this as a sticker / T shirt / other merchandise on my online store :D

I've had this idea for like a year but was just super lazy finishing it? Like I think I actually draw the lineart for this in fall 2019 huehue. I'm extremely bad about starting projects and then kinda abandoning them, and then picking them up later. I finished it on Livestream the other day so thank you to those who joined : )

Wanted to do this Wings of Fire x Warriors crossover for a while because I thought it was funny that both characters are like "GAH MUST PROTECC MY STICK" and both fandoms overlap a lot. Anyway Turtle and Jayfeather are PRETTY DIFFERENT personality-wise but they do have this one similarity in that they love their sticks. Jayfeather's prob like "Back off you lump" and Turtle's like "oh gosh I'm so sorry" La la la la 

Just something small and cute between my larger projects! Also sorry but my signatures starting here will have to be placed in more obnoxious ways in the future since it's getting to the point where online sellers blatantly steal and resell my art now so :( 

Wings of Fire / Turtle (c) Tui T Sutherland
Warriors / Jayfeather (c) Harpercollins
Art (c) myself (Biohazardia) 


Free to use as profile pictures, wallpapers, banners, your personal wallpaper, resources for MAPs, repost elsewhere etc AS LONG AS you give me explicit credit. (No need to ask permission for that as long as you're giving credit! That means putting in a caption next to the image "Art made by Biohazardia." or if possible linking back to one of my accounts.)

Do not submit into contests, claim as yours, reprint on physical products, remove my signature, trace, sell for money/use the image for profit.
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© 2020 - 2021 Biohazardia
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XD yeah theyre both stick lovers

love the art btw

QuinnBetTger513's avatar

a-a-a-a-a-a- baby turtle!!!

WolfieGirlXox's avatar
JayxStick memes are a thing of the past
TurtlexStick memes are what’s in now
CoRgIwAfFlEs's avatar

Turtle and Turtle


Biohazardia's avatar

HA this is funny cause I have a Shiba :)

Rosemoon11's avatar



I love it. It made me laugh so hard! :D

askDoDorJadeW's avatar

so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KinkagouLover's avatar

I love it those are my two favorite book series! Wish I could draw like you!

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pikachu611's avatar

My stick brother 😁

dragoncat1313's avatar

this art is great!!!!!:D

Galaxywing8271's avatar

I didn't even know this was Jayfeather, I love it!

Ivythebooklover's avatar

This is the best piece of art I have EVER seen. I was craking up for 5 minutes straight when I saw this. =D

SkylarTheProtogen's avatar

is it ok that i drew something like this? I mean like, I used MY designs for the two, but like, same poses

Biohazardia's avatar

sorry for the late reply - sure, just be sure to credit me for inspiration and poses!

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What app u use ? Is it free?

Biohazardia's avatar

I used Procreate to draw this! It's 10$ and for ipad

aurorathehybrid's avatar

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I think I'll stay with ibispaintx 😊

AmberbreezePok3-g33k's avatar

I use ibispaintx to! It works pretty well if I do say so myself! :>

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