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Wings of Fire - Sundew
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Published: July 4, 2018
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SPOILERS for the Lost Continent! 

It's Sundew! I wasn't 100% sure of her design, but I read that she looked very similar to her mother - "very green" and with "brown patches" if I recall correctly with "gold flecks". 
I'm actually not finished with the book yet but so far Sundew is...well, I understand why she's so fiesty but I don't like how disrespectful she is towards my bae Clearsight lol. Also since I drew this a few weeks before the book came out I'm now realizing I should have drawn her with an angry mad face instead of a smile, oh well haha

The background is like GAH FLAMES and SUNSET since, well, history of LeafWings spoilers I guess. 

You can buy merch with this design here: Redbubble!

Art (c) me
Sundew, Wings of Fire (c) Tui T Sutherland, Scholastic 

Free to use as profile pictures, wallpapers, banners, etc AS LONG AS you give me explicit credit. No need to ask permission for that as long as you're giving credit! Do not submit into contests, claim as yours, remove my signature, sell for money, etc etc. 
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Kelina10Student Digital Artist
Aaaaaaaa!!! This is so amazing!!!
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MaelleCantonHobbyist Digital Artist
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MaelleCantonHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you mind if I use this art as my profile picture? I will precise that this is your art in my profile description if you dont mind me using it
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BiohazardiaStudent General Artist
sure! yep just credit me in your profile description and you are good to go!
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galaxywolf32Hobbyist Artist
One of my fav characters beside quibly of course!
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This awesome, this what imagine Sundew. :)
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Flamewhisper16Hobbyist Artist
Oh my gawd, gorgeous art, but it feels so weird to see Sundew, of all dragons, to smile XD  CHICA INTENSIFIES chat icon 

  Yes I think you should've drawn her angry, or GRUMPY. That would fit.  *suddenly gets attacked by strange centipedes*  F*CK
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BiohazardiaStudent General Artist
Haha I had to draw this before the 11th book came out, so I was mostly guessing at her personality and what she looked like. I honestly like drawing characters like Sundew and Winter with smiles though since I feel like the deserve a bit of happiness in their lives as opposed to the doom and gloom faces that they are usually drawn with :P 
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Flamewhisper16Hobbyist Artist
Oh, that makes sense, and yes, I agree.  Everyone deserves happiness, it's inspiring and very thoughtful of you to do that!  But it makes sense; there's always some sort of trouble that they are dealing with to put a damp spot on the glorious happy side they are burdened with HapPY RALPH 
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StarfallTheWarriorHobbyist Digital Artist
This is beautiful.
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DaBunnitLordHobbyist Digital Artist
Okay so...I haven't read Wings Of Fire....but...this is some REALLY good art!
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QuintuplesHobbyist General Artist
i swear when i see art like i feel like it was summoned by magic from the sky
CosmicWaffles101's avatar
Sundue is the true meaning of me, hard on the outside oft on the inside, kinda like blowpops
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KawaiiAquariusDragonStudent Digital Artist
This girl don't wanna sit still look pretty
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EMoonriseHobbyist Digital Artist
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DessertCakeStudent Artist

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um can i use this as my discord icon  plz 
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What is your Discord username
harpyeaglegriffin259's avatar
rainwing/seawing hybrid why 
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BiohazardiaStudent General Artist
Sure just make sure to credit me if someone asks who drew it!
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You should make swordtail 
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Kylethealligator9002Student Traditional Artist
I love these circle designs! Are you still planning on doing other characters like this? 
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