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[Wings of Fire] - Queen Glacier Decrees

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© 2020 Biohazardia
Drawn for a MAP (Multi Animator Project) part! You can find it here:…

More stills from animated MAP parts! Because I have to race through these as fast as possible in order to meet deadlines (and tbh I'm missing the deadlines anyway) X'D At least I am getting to practice more "simple" styles of shading and drawing, which is a necessity for making animations and videos.

Queen Glacier here being all regal and decreeing some stuff! Not much to say, this was my first time drawing Glacier. Wish we could have learned a bit more about her before she got yeeted.

Wings of Fire / Queen Glacier (c) Tui T Sutherland
Design was made by Magicpancil
MAP hosted by Bonnysaur and Desertseer
Art (c) myself (Biohazardia) 


Free to use as profile pictures, wallpapers, banners, your personal wallpaper, resources for MAPs, repost elsewhere etc AS LONG AS you give me explicit credit. (No need to ask permission for that as long as you're giving credit! That means putting in a caption next to the image "Art made by Biohazardia." or if possible linking back to one of my accounts.)

Do not submit into contests, claim as yours, reprint on physical products, remove my signature, trace, sell for money/use the image for profit.
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Thought it was queen snowfall.

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turtleyamazingHobbyist General Artist

Beautiful! And I agree, she seemed like a good we have to deal with the queen of paranoia (which is still going to be super interesting don't get me wrong XD)

canonbro05's avatar

honestly from what I remember from queen glacier, she honestly seemed like a chill queen. nothing too malicious, though maybe a little passive-aggressive if I remember the events of book 3 right.

Japanese-Hybrid's avatar
Japanese-HybridHobbyist Artist

She's so pretty. Exactly how I imagined her

DrMetaEnebus's avatar

Link with the roman "The Kingdoms of Fire" ???

pookiesaurus4's avatar
pookiesaurus4Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She's cute :)
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DragonesSaurusRexHobbyist General Artist
This is Awesome!
XxNuggetaliaXx's avatar
XxNuggetaliaXxNew Deviant
Excellent job once again, Biohazardia! I really love your art style so much!! Also, what do you think Queen Glacier is decreeing in the art piece? I’d love to know!!! Anyways, I hope you’ll have a nice day!!!! <3
Biohazardia's avatar
BiohazardiaStudent General Artist

Thank you! Actually, in the animated part (link in the description) I was given a script for what Glacier is talking about. She's telling Hailstorm and Winter about how they have to do the Diamond Trials in this part!

XxNuggetaliaXx's avatar
XxNuggetaliaXxNew Deviant
You’re welcome, and that’s cool! I’m going to watch your part, now!! Keep up the excellent work!!! <3
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HorizonandNettleNew Deviant

Amazing like always Bio! Love the shinyness!

A1L33N's avatar

Wow. It looks so good. I really love IceWings.

TescoEdge's avatar
TescoEdgeHobbyist Digital Artist

Beautiful, Bio! Queen Glacier was (and still is even though she's dead) my favorite queen. I don't know what it was about her, I just really liked her. She gave off good vibes. I was actually really sad when she died but I'm excited to see what happens with Snowfall.

Again, great work! The shading/lighting is especially great!

supereeveefan12's avatar

Bio you will always be the true dragon queen!

long live queen bio!

Biohazardia's avatar
BiohazardiaStudent General Artist

XD Thanks Eevee! I do have much to learn though, besides Tui is the real dragon queen :P

supereeveefan12's avatar

it's not everyday that tui herself posts about a fan by name though correct me if I'm wrong ^-^;

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Starflight20New Deviant

Queen Glacier is so pretty bio!!

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RedVelvetineHobbyist Traditional Artist

Very nice artwork of her, it's gorgeous! Also, Snowfall is Glacier's daughter, so maybe we'll learn more about Glacier through Snowfall in the next book.

Biohazardia's avatar
BiohazardiaStudent General Artist

Thanks Velvetine! Yes, I'm hoping we learn a bit more about her from Snowfall :)

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YersaCaltaraHobbyist Photographer

ohhhh she's beautiful :3

i love icewings honestly

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WoffanforeverHobbyist General Artist

Holy- bio this is absolutely stunning! amazing job as always!

Biohazardia's avatar
BiohazardiaStudent General Artist

Thanks Woffan!

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marcoide7Hobbyist Digital Artist

Awesome! I love the lighting! And yeah Glacier is so underrated ;v;

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