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Wings of Fire - Jade Winglet Chibis

Sooo, I'm in the middle of a big project right now (along with other... life issues ack) that have been keeping me from posting for a bit, so I decided the time was finally right to post this! 

This chibi collection of the Jade Winglet characters was sort of an experiment. I actually drew this back in February, and I ONLY posted it on my Redbubble store, and nowhere else. I wanted to see if relatively unknown images or art could become popular on Google Images, and surprisingly this one has! It's now on the first page of Google, which I'm pretty flattered by! Anyway, I think enough time has gone by now that I can post it on social media XD (plus I have nothing else to post oops).

I think this drawing, funny enough, is the one that has taken me the longest out of everything that I've ever drawn so far. That's right, this took like, 25 hours? Versus my most in depth paintings which have taken around 12-16 hours max. It was rather difficult to fit all the characters into one page and drawing in a very "Clean" style is quite tedious for me. (I prefer to be sloppy while drawing :lol: )

You can grab this on my Redbubble store! (On T Shirts, apparel, blankets, bags etc)…

Apologies for the obnoxious watermarking all over, but these are sort of prime stealing material so it's necessary :o 

Wings of Fire / Winter, Moonwatcher, Kinkajou, Peril, Qibli, Umber, Turtle (c) Tui T Sutherland
Art (c) myself (Biohazardia) 


Free to use as profile pictures, wallpapers, banners, your personal wallpaper, resources for MAPs, repost elsewhere etc AS LONG AS you give me explicit credit. (No need to ask permission for that as long as you're giving credit! That means putting in a caption next to the image "Art made by Biohazardia." or if possible linking back to one of my accounts.)

Do not submit into contests, claim as yours, reprint on physical products, remove my signature, trace, sell for money/use the image for profit.
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I actually have a shirt of this- YoU MaDe It?

CharlotteBoi's avatar

For some reason I really like Winter’s talons, I guess I just like big hands? BUT THIS IS ALL SO GOOD

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why they all babies they cute i cant tell is its carnelian or peril

StrawberriSmoothi's avatar
It’s peril cuz her blue eyes and the way she is glowing
CallunaDaDwagon1's avatar

ChibI art is supposed to be simplified... THIS IS NOT SIMPLE! I love this so much tho

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Inc0gnit0Pr0t0g3n's avatar

Aaaaaa they're so cute!

TilapiatheSeaWing's avatar
.....Let's just say that PERIL IS LOOKING FABULOUS! And no, don't try to be modest, because I love the way you've done Winter, and Kinkajou, and Moon, and Umber, and Turtle, with his glowing scales spelling out "TURTLE" on his tail, and poor Carnelian died before ever having a chance to be drawn in with the rest of Jade Winglet. Gone, but not forgotten. Rest in peace, Carnelian. And Bigtail.
Butternose's avatar

Is the pink one glory? Cause I see her as green outline....

*wakes up* That is an awesome photo!

Biohazardia's avatar

Thanks, it's Kinkajou!

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Salamiiiii's avatar

Even if there are chibis, they are cute as HELL and so detailed!

DragonGirlRoar's avatar

If I was one of those Jade Winglet dragons, I would probably be a mix of Kinkajou, Winter, Peril, Turtle, and Moonwatcher.

LunarDragonVibes's avatar


DragonGirlRoar's avatar

How would it be dangerous?

LunarDragonVibes's avatar

Imagine THAT AND A RAINWING WITH ICEWING (sorry if I hurt anyones feelings)

CupcakeUniversegal8's avatar

My favorite out of those is Qibli, he's always trying to act like Mr. Smarty-pants around Winter and Moon, it's just his charm i guess. Also they all look adorable! So cute! :heart: I forgot who the umber was for a minute since we havn't heard from him since book 6 and im on book 8 so-

LunarDragonVibes's avatar

He's not my favorite ,but the smarty pants stuff is true

AlaskaHornsing2010's avatar

I... Luz it! The grumpy winter (I’m guessing that’s him) is perfect and I love it :D your style is so detailed and beautiful and these Chili’s are the cutest things I’ve ever seen

LunarDragonVibes's avatar


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