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Warriors - A World Down Under

Gasp, Bio doing Warrior Cats? No no, I'm not abandoning Wings of Fire. But, I was a Warriors kid way back when, before Wings of Fire even existed ;) This series has a lot of nostalgia for me, and I still truly love the first arc centered on Firepaw/Fireheart/Firestar. So I jumped at the chance to join @/Jomadis's Down Under MAP! 
This is the scene when Bluestar, Lionheart, and Graypaw (Graypaw not in this frame) meet Rusty in the forest and offer him the chance to join the Clan. 

Unfortunately the composition for this pic is all over place, which I only realized after it was finished ;;

Animated MAP part here -…
Edit: Now it's on my Redbubble for a few products -…

Warriors Cats (c) Erin Hunter(s) + Scholastic
Character designs made by Jomadis 
Art is by me

Free to use as profile pictures, wallpapers, banners, etc AS LONG AS you give me explicit credit. No need to ask permission for that as long as you're giving credit! Do not submit into contests, claim as yours, remove my signature, sell for money, etc etc. 
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brooo when i saw this i was like- hey, that kind of looks like biohazardia.. but she doesnt draw warriors??..

Also this is my 100th comment. k bye. :P

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opppppppps firestar is rusty soory

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rusty : *sigh* this is lovley what was that

deputy:what shall we do with a kittypet

blusestar: i want to see what he does

rusty :is someone there

bluestar :come on rusty

deputy :hello im the deuty an this is bluestar

rusty: hi im rust...

bluestar : well it nice to meet you we will call you. firepaw

all go to camp of thunderclan...


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Rusty looks very pleased.

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This looks amazing!!!

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Hello I'm an admin on Bluestarsgorge on Instagram, we are a warrior cat repost account. And I wanted to know if we have your permission to repost it on our account with proper credit (tagged in post, and caption)

Biohazardia's avatar

Yup with proper credit that would be fine <3

Lexxifury's avatar

sO cUte!!! I love Rusty's face! Adorableeee!!!

PokeFanForevA815X448's avatar
The realism is out of this world 😻😻😻😻
Juniiiper's avatar

Your art is as amazing as ever, Bio!

Butternose's avatar

Very nice! I love the realism, but then it is also anime-ish! I love a picture like that! I wish I could draw like that...

RoxiTheWolf3's avatar

Very nice and cute picture. I love it!

BleakTheIceWing228's avatar

I love this! I like warriors as well(though it kinda lost me at the third arc), and it’s great to see such amazing artists draw them!

Blondepelt48's avatar

This is amazing! It's nice to se older scenes from the books portrayed like this!

luvwarriors's avatar

This is so good and realistic! good job!

DreamslayerNightwing's avatar

Aha! I read book oen! This is Bluestar meeting Fireheart

(took me long enough to find out... TwT)

AlaskaHornsing2010's avatar

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I've only read the first book and right now I'm looking for the second one :> I had no clue that you liked warriors!! (even though almost every warrior cats or Wings of Fire fan has read the other)

Frostdream123's avatar

You are true with the fact that WoF and WC fans have read the other books. In the warriors series I am on OftS, book 4 Sign of the Moon (which is book 22 for the ones who were counting, which I am now one) . And in WoF I am awaiting the arrival of my TDG book.

AlaskaHornsing2010's avatar

cool, I've just now started the fifth warriors book in the first arc, and I'm waiting for my friend to finish the first arc (like me) so we can read it together

DreamslayerNightwing's avatar

I am getting book one soon! Since I already finished Wings of Fire, I NEED to read Warrior Cats

AlaskaHornsing2010's avatar

Good for you! ❤️ I posted this a long time ago and now I’m on book three

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