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Contest Prize - Monsoon the Sea/NightWing

Second place contest prize for Ellistraedraws, for the Characters into Dragons contest that I hosted recently ^^
Sea/NightWings are always lovely to draw and it was very fun to draw Monsoon over livestream where Ellistrae could actually watch me along with others and give live feedback. I kinda went overboard with it but HEY I'm happy with how it turned out! Water is always soothing to paint. It took exactly 4 hours from blank canvas to finish (two streams' worth of time!)

Dragons into Dragons CONTEST RESULTS! 
(Contest prize info, so you can check out the awesome Spider Man SilkWing design that got Ellistrae this prize!) 
Thanks again for entering the contest and supporting my artwork <3 

Monsoon (C) EllistraeDraws

Artwork © myself

Please don't use this unless you are EllistraeDraws or have obtained their permission!
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Oh my gosh!!!

That is gorgeous!! You are so talented!!!

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Wow beautiful! I love the colors and the stars! Overall very magical
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dam when i looked at my drawing it looked like a 5 year old made it after i saw your seawing your drawing IS SO GOOD

FloralNebula's avatar

I was laaaate and couldn't do this contest-thingy whatever.

Oh well! At least, the winner sure did deserve this place! Your art is beautiful, as always

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wings if fire art is always fun to see.

am i wrong tho

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amazing art that has been done in an amazing stream. :)

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ooo beautiful!


*whispers* teach me your ways

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That's super Good.

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It got awesome colours

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The design is awesome and she looks really good in your style, good job!!

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Woah this is awesome! The lighting, atmosphere, and background is perfect! The detail and colors you put into it are gorgeous!! Every time I look at this I can’t stop thinking about how amazing this is!!!! Incredible work as always!!

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Thanks Moonshardz!!! :D

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Such a beauty. awesome work. both on the character and the atmosphere.

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That night sky... it's so beautiful... :o

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what a beautiful seawings <3

gorgeous i love it so much bio :D

so very nice !!!

i love so much the background too, the night sky is aaaaaaaaa ! awsome

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