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Hey everyone, I'm gonna be talking about art, Wings of Fire, Pyrrhia-Pantala RP and more in a livestream podcast tomorrow (8/18) at 4 PM EST with Hurricane-Rising! Feel free to join us, it'll be fun and I'll try not to bore everyone :D
It'll be streamed on his channel -…
I'm participating in Art Fight for the first time this year!
I'm Team Tea, hoping for a good fight~
Out of the Deep by Ninxeas
Gasp, I've hit 1000 watchers!! Thank you all so much for the support :D 
Fun event coming soon (ish)~ :P 

Hi everyone!!!

I went to the Lost Continent Release party last night, and it was amazing!! There were so many people packed into the small bookstore. I met quite a lot of lovely young fans while drawing Darkstalker (Darkstinker? ;) ) with my iPad while we all waited to get our books signed, shoutout to you guys!!!

Tui was amazingly sweet, totally deserving of the fandom mom title, and it was really, really fun to talk with her, not to mention a great honor to talk to the creator of the world and characters we all know and love so much. I gave her a tote bag from Redbubble with my drawings of Blue, Luna, Sundew and Cricket (for some extra excitement while grocery shopping) and she was so sweet about it! I was like fizzing with excitement at that point XD I made myself dead last in the signing line so I could talk to her one on one, and we chatted for like 40 minutes while she signed extra books for the store to sell. 

She was so wonderful and it was very kind of her to answer my insane barrage of questions and discussions about theme lol. At one point Tui was like “I wish I could put you in my pocket and take you home with me to discuss the themes in Book 12!” since she’s grappling a lot with her themes while writing. Awww <3 I wish I could lol, and from the slight spoilers she told me about Book 12 I completely understand how difficult the topics are. Apparently, a lot of her friends won’t read her books because “they’re about dragons,” which is just sad! Even Tui has friends who are totally rude about her books because they think they're "too young" :’( So if anyone is going through that, Tui is too! 
Thankfully, she said she has one really good friend she can talk about the books with, and we talked a bit about Pyrrhia-Pantala-AU RP group setting and how fun and helpful it is it is to bounce writing/plot/setting ideas off of friends.

I got a lot of questions answered (even though we talked until midnight I wasn’t even able to get all of them answered!) I’ll include both the questions I asked personally (I’ll mark those with a star) and the ones that were asked in the general Q&A session.
I'm sure this is the part you all want to see the most! And it's a doozy :)

Q: What is Clearsight’s eye color?* 
PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS
(I showed her my Sunsight picture and she was like “Yeah, that’s perfect. It’s purple, that fits!”)

Q: Do you ever go on Deviantart or online to look at Wings of Fire art/read WoF fanfiction?*
She said she does go online sometimes and look up art, particularly on Google Images and on Deviantart. She did so a lot last year after she met RhynoBullraq. However, she hasn’t looked up art lately since she’s been trying to focus on finishing Book 12 by the deadline.
She doesn’t read fanfiction because she is worried about it influencing how she writes, or accidentally stealing someone’s fanfic ideas because she read it and it influenced her decisions.
She also can’t really look at the fantribe ideas people send her because she doesn’t want to steal their ideas as well.

Q: Does Clearsight look like Moonwatcher? Or do they just make similar expressions?*
No, Moonwatcher and Clearsight don’t look the same/necessarily have the same body type. However, both of them react very similarly to Darkstalker (I believe she said “have a similar attitude”), in which they care about him but are also worried about his actions and how he thinks about controlling/manipulating others.

Q: Were you going to do anything different with Peril? How did you come up with the name Peril?
She essentially said she picked the name Peril because it meant “Dangerous” like Peril is. However, she ALSO said, “Originally, I was going to kill Peril off in Book 5, but the fans saved Peril. A lot of very smart fans somehow figured out I wanted to kill Peril off and sent me lots of letters, saying, “Hey! We love Peril! Please don’t kill her off!” She’s quite happy Peril never died in the end as she always wanted to write a POV book from Peril’s point of view since Book 1, and finally managed to do so with Book 8.

Q: Is Qibli supposed to be representative of Darkstalker or Sunstreak?*
Darkstalker is a “dark mirror” of Qibli, specifically all of Qibli’s desires revolving around power like his desire to be friends with everyone (even via magic). Qibli believes that with animus power or Darkstalker’s scroll, he would have been able to do great things for Pyrrhia – just like Darkstalker genuinely believes his rule would make Pyrrhia better. (Make Pyrrhia Great Again lolol). Anyway, she thinks Qibli actually would do good things for Pyrrhia with the scroll but then added an ominous “but you never know” at the end.
Again, the Qibli/Darkstalker thing ties into Arc 2’s theme of what it means to be gifted and what one does with their gifts – and how someone who isn’t traditionally “gifted” can still be a great hero and save the day, AND still be special and unique.

Q: Do Silk and HiveWings’ wings bend at the elbow/joint like Pyrrhian dragons or do they hold their wings straight out like insects? (From Reborn)*
Tui’s first answer was “Whatever looks better,” and then she immediately laughed and said, “That’s a horrible answer.” She then peered at the picture of Blue on the Lost Continent and said, “They definitely can be folded into their bodies, but…”, then considered and kinda looked at it again. I suggested that they stick straight out like an insect, but can be swept back and folded in tightly to the back/side, and she was like “Yes, that would definitely make sense. That’s how it works.” And then laughed again.

Q: Are Turtle and Moon reincarnations or have symbolic connection to Fathom/Clearsight?*
Turtle definitely had parallels that Tui specifically wrote in there because Turtle is Fathom’s descendant and going through the same sort of troubles that Fathom went through with Darkstalker – that is, wanting to do something, but not being sure if he should. Not to mention looking very similar.
She never answered clearly about the reincarnation thing though, which makes me think they aren’t : ( Just similar.
Moon and Clearsight “Have a similar attitude” towards Darkstalker. (Again didn’t get much answer for them being parallels, sadly).
I also showed Tui my Fathom/Turtle picture and told her about how commenters joked Fathom looked like a mom, and she said Fathom was a very good dad to his dragonets.

Q: Did Clearsight ever tell Sunstreak about her experience in Pyrrhia with Darkstalker?*
She would have told him after they were together a while. Yes, she would have told him her past once they got to know each other and had dragonets together.

Q: The first arc (with the Dragonets of Destiny) had more descriptions of violence and gore than the second arc. What was the reason that you stopped writing so much dramatic violence in the books?*
Tui said that at first, she imagined them being very violent and vicious because they were dragons, and that’s how she thought dragons would look like. However, as she continued writing the books, the dragons became more and more human in personality and how they acted, and thus the less violent they became, because she was uncomfortable with imagining the now human-esque dragons doing such awful things. She did say, “But I did write some pretty violent things in the later books!” to which I said, “Like Arctic’s death scene?” and she nodded.
At this point, I informed Tui that one of the most popular scenes for artists to draw in the entire fandom was the one of Arctic’s tongue cutting/disembowlment. She looked surprised (and a little nervous) but also laughed and was like “What? Really? I feel so bad for him!”

Q: There’s a popular headcanon that Fatespeaker is able to weakly read minds instead of being able to tell the future, which is why she has a mind-reader teardrop. Is this correct or completely off the mark?*
It’s correct! Fatespeaker is actually a weak mindreader – not a seer. She’s more of an empath who can kind of sense emotion coming from other dragons though, since she can’t actually read minds.

Q: Did Lagoon drive Albatross to insanity? Would Anemone have ended up like Albatross if she hadn’t had the support of dragons like Tsunami and Turtle? Would Albatross have ended up more like Anemone if he had been able to get support from others?*
Yes, Albatross would have ended up very differently had he known other dragons he could have relied on. Having a support network is important and ties into the nature vs nurture theme from the first arc, where a dragon is shaped by how they grow up more than who they were born as. There was also supposed to be a parallelism between Albatross and Peril, as both dragons had gifts that were severely controlled by their queens, and weren’t allowed to decide what to do with their own powers.
(She didn’t completely answer this question)

Q: There is a theme across Arc 2 of Wings of Fire that seems to suggest forcing dragons to become something else via magic is wrong (Peril, Hailstorm/Pyrite, Anemone forcing Kinkajou to love Turtle, etc). However, the second arc ended with Kinkajou forcing Darkstalker to become Peacemaker against his will. How did you feel about writing that, since it seems to clash with your theme?*
Tui said, “I didn’t want to kill Darkstalker, because he didn’t deserve it and that felt like a cop out (plus, it was supposed to be impossible). I wanted a surprising and authentic end for these characters. One of the main themes I wanted to emphasize was that most dragons, like Peril, deserve a second chance at becoming a better dragon. Darkstalker needed to have everything erased in order to get that second chance. I did think a lot about how the theme was subverted by this ending though, and it’s very valid to be concerned about that. But, there was no other way to ‘save’ him.” Yay, validation :D
I told her that there is a very popular fanfiction online (Darkstalker’s Choice by Warrioratheart) where Darkstalker ends up choosing to eat the strawberry, understanding the consequences.
She responded, “It is definitely possible that Darkstalker could have been convinced to eat the strawberry especially now that Foeslayer had come back. However, I couldn’t believe that Darkstalker would choose to do it after the moment he spoke to Qibli and tried to tempt him into becoming an animus. I think they could have convinced Darkstalker to eat the strawberry sometime in the future, or if they had more time to do so. However, by then many more dragons would have died.”

Q: (Prompted by the last question since we sort of started talking about the topic) Since you originally based Darkstalker off of a real person, do you ever get worried that person will read your book and be like “What is this?!?!”*
She laughed, and told me about how Darkstalker was based off of her ex-boyfriend from when they were both 16. At that time, everything had “felt very epic.” Apparently the guy had been making some supremely bad life decisions at the time, and she said she felt like Clearsight trying her best to get him not to make those decisions. She said it “wasn’t a great relationship” and a lot of her friends on the outside were like Indigo and Listener, desperately trying to get her out of it because they could see this guy was “throwing his life down the toilet.” Some of the lines that Darkstalker said in DSL are direct lines from things the ex-boyfriend told her and her friends, which we said was hilarious since Darkstalker can be rather cheesy. She also mentioned that the guy has fixed up his life now and probably wouldn’t realize that Darkstalker is based on him, but she doesn’t talk about him much because her mom hates the guy so much that she won’t talk to Tui for at least a month if she (the mom) hears this guy’s name.
(This was more personal info, so I specifically made sure I had permission to post the answer to this question online).

Q: Where did you get inspiration for the third arc dragons?
Tui talked about how she watched a lot of nature documentaries, specifically a lot of ones about insects. In particular, she wanted to have a gentle tribe based off of butterflies and moths, and a scarier harsher tribe based off of other insects. In particular she said she was fascinated and scared by parasite wasps, which are (sort of) what the HiveWings are based off of. (Everyone was like AWWW when she said she wouldn’t talk about the horrifying parasite wasps lol). She also mentioned she was inspired by a documentary about a huge savannah in Africa that used to be home to a massive forest that somehow disappeared, and the mystery of how the forest disappeared sort of caught in her mind.
She also mentioned that she took inspiration from a giant cave called the Dragonsbreath Cave under the Kalahari desert. (Extra note from Bio: Soo…probably expect a cave environment in Arc 3 at some point!)

Q: What were the themes of the different arcs/what is the theme for Arc 3?
For Arc 1, the theme was nature vs nurture – do our parents define who we are? (No) and also free will vs fate – if you were given a prophecy and told you were fated to do something, how would you react? (Tui is on the side of free will here).
Arc 2 – What does it mean to be gifted, and how do different dragons use their special gifts? What is the right thing to do with that much power? How do different characters use their powers? She specifically made everyone in Arc 2 and Darkstalker Legends to be powerful/gifted in some way, and chose Qibli as the last protagonist to end the story because she wanted to end the story by asking “Can a hero with no powers and no special gifts save the day?” (Of course the answer is yes).
Other themes were “What do you really know about someone until you’ve been inside their head?” and more of the Free Will vs magical control aspect too.
Arc 3 – The theme in this arc is going to be, “Is there a point where empathy is not the right answer, and where we have to resist in order to make the world a better place? Can we be empathetic and gentle while also not allowing injustice?” She said she wrote Blue as, “How to save the world as a Hufflepuff instead of a Gryffindor.” Essentially, the main theme is empathy vs resistance in stopping someone oppressing others. She’s also well aware how these themes are very relevant given the current sociopolitical climate in the US.

Q: Which character have you written for WoF that is most like yourself?
“Sunny.” But she’s said in past interviews that all her characters have a little part of her, like bossing around her characters like Peril and Tsunami.

Q: Will there be a book with Kinkajou as the main POV?

Tui said essentially that she loves Kinkajou but she’s awesome the way she is and there’s nothing to develop about her. Usually she writes books about characters to develop them. She also said that Kinkajou has already saved the world and been through a lot (basically implied she’d already told Kinkajou’s story). 

Q: Why did you bring Fatespeaker into the story if Sunnyflight was already such a good ship?
Tui said, “I wanted someone to love Starflight as much as he loved Sunny. Fatespeaker is really there for Starflight. At first I wanted Sunny and Starflight to be together, but as I wrote Sunny I found she was too busy saving the world.” She also said of course that Fatespeaker was added because of the plotline with the alternate dragonets and such.

Q: Why did you pick Qibli over Winter for Moonwatcher?
(The actual question was “Who does Moonwatcher end up with, Qibli or Winter?” and everyone screamed out, “You didn’t even read the 10th book?” etc etc lol)
Tui answered that she wasn’t sure who to pick until writing Book 10, but ended up picking Qibli because she feels nice guys should get the girl.
Later we were talking about it a bit in our one v one talk and she said that Winter still has some growing up to do before he gets a significant other.
She also said that Qibli and Moon are together RIGHT NOW but they are all young dragons and will live for at least 100 years, so everything could all change later.
When I gave her my Glorybringer notebook later, she and several of the book store owners also expressed (without me prompting them at all) that Glorybringer was a much better ship than Moonbli or Winterwatcher, lol. They basically said “Glorybringer is where it’s at!”

Q: Pyrrhia seemed to be far more sophisticated in Darkstalker’s time than during the War of SandWing succession. How did they devolve so much?
“Pyrrhia tends to have ups and downs in sophisticatedness.” For example, the NightWings used to be a very sophisticated tribe but a lot of that fell apart. Now that there are some better queens around, and Jade Mountain Academy exists, it’s likely Pyrrhia is going to enter an “up” era now. (She didn’t explain much further than that).

Q: If you(Tui) were a dragon, which tribe would you be?
She didn’t directly answer this but said, “If I were a dragon, I would want to be a RainWing. I want to sleep all day and eat fruit.”

Q: Can Peacemaker’s rainbow scales change colors?
She laughed and said, “That’s a wonderful idea! I hadn’t thought of that…” (pondered for a moment) “Yes, that would be very cool.”

Q: What is your (Tui’s) least favorite tribe?
She laughed at that and said it was a hard question. She didn’t directly answer (cause we all know it would be MudWings dahaha :P) but she said “I would least want to hang out the HiveWings, they are a nasty tribe right now and very scary.” She spent a lot of time during her main speech talking about how horrifying parasite wasps are, but didn’t go into gory detail. Just talked about how they would give everyone and her nightmares.

Q: Do dragons have holidays?
They don’t have the same holidays we do, but they do have holidays. The holidays usually have to do with the moons (like the Full Moon Festivals) or big events (it was unclear what “big events” were)

Q: What are the sizes of objects in the dragon world/why is a human’s head the size of a blueberry?
Most of the stuff in the dragon world is bigger than in the scavenger world, so blueberries are the size of human heads.

Q: Will there be another Legends book?
She would really like to make one, but isn’t sure exactly when to release it or how it would fit in to the other books. However, Tui said that if she does make one, it will be about Rose/Flower and her friends, and how they managed to kill Queen Oasis.

Q: How do NightWings get their powers from the moon exactly? Why are some really strong, like Clearsight?
One moon gives mindreading or futuresight, two moons gives both, three gives both very very strongly. Of the one and two moon dragons, it’s random how powerful the gifts are, so you get powers ranging from weak seers to (very rarely) Clearsight level sight.

Q: Why did Orca not use her animus powers in her fight against Queen Coral? (asked by Pantherheart)
Orca didn't want to reveal her powers yet at that time. She also wanted to prove herself and believed she could win in a fight against Coral. 

Other random information I learned:
- Prince Cliff is based on Tui’s youngest son, when he was 4 and crazy
- Clay was based on how Tui wanted her oldest son to be like
- The original prophecy, before Tui and her editor actually worked on it, was just, “Some dragons will be born to save the world. Done.” Lol
- Prophecy #2 and #3 and more cryptic than Prophecy #1 because unlike Prophecy 1/Morrowseer’s prophecy, they are real prophecies. Therefore, it’s more like that they MIGHT come true, maybe, whereas Prophecy #1 was written to be more definite so the NightWings could manipulate the other tribes into believing “If you do this, the war will end.”
- Someday, Tui wants to get back to the “poor MudWings.” (She looks into the distance as she says this)
- Feel free to make OCs and fanfiction about the WoF world, she loves seeing people playing and enjoying in the world of Wings of Fire!
- Some kid asked, “Why do some dragons look so mad and upset?” Lololol. She replied something about having always imagined the SkyWings as grumpy.
- Peril was supposed to have a younger brother, Ember, and they were twins that were originally supposed to be in the prophecy, but the editor cut Peril and Ember out because it was too many characters
- Luna is named after the Luna moth
- Albatross’s name is a reference to the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and the double meaning of “Albatross = a psychological burden that feels like a curse” was intended (yass)
- Tui’s first novel is actually Shakespeare fanfiction.
- Tui has written out the whole story of how Thorn and Stonemover met and fell in love. She wants to talk to her editor about doing something with that (Winglet?)
- She admitted that it was kind of author cheating that Clearsight conveniently taught everyone on Pantala the “Dragon” language when she arrived there. She essentially admitted it didn’t really make sense, but used that to explain why there’s no language barrier between the two continents now.
- Book 14 +15 will probably focus on characters who we have seen before but haven’t been central to the story. However, Tui doesn’t know who it will be yet (but definitely not Moon and Qibli).
- Tui originally named the dragonets just random syllables like in typical fantasy books, but quickly found it was very difficult to keep track of characters that way, so she switched the naming system to be about the dragons' environments or naming themes (like SilkWings are named after butterflies/moths) instead.
- The Scorching was some sort of major event that “changed the balance of the world towards dragons”.
- Cricket is confirmed as the protagonist of Book 12!


I apologize as I wasn’t able to answer all the questions on my list, as she finished signing extra books at that point and it was also 12 midnight. But yeah, that’s everything! I learned a LOT and I hope you guys enjoy the treasure trove of info! I’m just so happy I got to meet the fabulous fandom mom herself :D It feels like a dream, lol. 

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