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SoA | Structure Deck - Dartz by Gaia206, visual art

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Hi there! Im Aldo Mendoza (aka Gaia). Im a Graphic Designer from Mexico.

I love my free nights when i design with a cold coke. Love movies and music, and some stuff like Gundams, Star Wars, Ancient Civilizations, Mythology and Reptiles.

I LOOOVE Yu-Gi-Oh! (not like Star Wars oc)... but YGO is one of the best Anime series ever!

Maybe, in a parallel universe, im a Space or Time traveler. (Why not?)

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Damien Hirst
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The Lord Of The Rings | 28 Days Later | 28 Weeks Later | The Perfum | 300 | Star Wars | Transformers | Cloud Atlas | Fallen Angels | 2046 | The Matrix | And More...
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The Walking Dead | Game of Thrones | Dr. House | Falling Skies | Friends | Spartacus | Family Guy | American Horror History | And More...
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Asphyxia | Grendel | Velvet Acid Christ | Beats Antique | Azam Ali | Axenstar | Sonata Arctica | Arch Enemy | Daft Punk | E.S. Posthumus | Universum | Mygrain | Shiva in Exile | Solace | Avaton | Armin Van Buuren | Alex MORPH | Soilwork | Madonna
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The Perfume
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World of Warcraft | Call of Duty | Medal of Honor | Asassins Creed | League of Legends | Dead Space
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Video Games | Graphic Design | Music | Advertising | Art | Movies
Hello there, Gaia here! I've been making custom playmats for 3 years. Since we dont have lot of artworks in High Quality like we used to have on the past, people here on DA work and make an effort to get them on the best quality we can, so please consider this at the time you ask for an specific design/archetype, prob i cannot make something with the newest stuff / cards. I wanna give a big Thanks to the people that work, improve and upload artworks to DA, their stuff help me a lot for my designs, of course lot of times i need render, draw and end some missing parts on the artworks, but my creative ideas start with them :) Lot of people won
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SoA - Updates

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Keeping with the work on this, almost end all previews to relase the final review of the Dartz Deck, please feel free to follow us on the web: DA Group - FB Page - Instagram - @ yugioh_soatlantis Thanks to ~grezar ( for the help on this.
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Hello There people! we are getting back this proyect, we have almost done the first part that will be an Structure Deck and put it into YGO Pro. We open a FB page to put updates and more: Then, i wanna thank you for the help to the full crew: ~Gaia206 ( (Cards/Effects) :icongrezar: (Cards/Effects/Corrections) :iconbatmed: (Cards/Effects/Script) :iconkratosWar21: (Corrections/Main Script) -:iconkaterinaaqu: (Greek Names) Special Thanks to: :iconEntermagi: (Help with effects for script) On other way, we are gonna put all cards/stuff on this DA group: Than
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I love your cards!!

Thanks for the fave.

Yo! Just checked out your work properly for the first time, and I have to say that I'm seriously impressed! You're doing a great service to all the Duel Monsters players out there; it's fabulous that you're making already outstanding art even better with your work.

Speaking of, I was wondering - are you open to collaborations? If there's any call for it, I'd love to work with you on a YGO project; I'm a professional illustrator by trade (and massive Duel Monsters fan!), and have been looking to use my skills to help Duelists I meet. If that sounds cool, you can check my portfolio out at… - it'd be great to have a visit from you. If you have any questions, my e-mail address is - or you can get in touch with me through DeviantART.

It goes without saying that any work I did for you would be totally voluntary (i.e. free of charge) - working with a fellow Yu-Gi-Oh! fan of your artistic talent would be payment enough. So, if there's any possibility of us collaborating, I'd really like to explore it - I think it would be totally rad to work with you on a play-mat, but anything YGO related would be great. :nod:
Happy birthday, fellow Code Geass fan!
Happy Birthday
Happy birthday!