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These long-legged creatures are large ambush predators that live in the forests of Odin’s surface, living solitary lives until mating season, when they gather to compete for male or female roles.  They are indiscriminate predators, attacking and eating any animals that come into range of their highly extendible, reinforced paraglossae.  Tantibide species have excellent senses, with extended rods for picking up sounds, and broad toe pads that pick up chemical signatures; they have also evolved vibrissae-like whiskers on their ankles that allow them to sense motion close to them.  Most species are built with an arching back that allows their mouthparts to hang downward, ready to shoot out and grab prey.  A few of this type hardly ever move, one of their paraglossae having evolved to be an enticing, fruit-like lure.  Some Tantibids, however, have their head region angled upward, poised to strike out at any flying animals that stray too close.

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