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Symbius brekkana and Entourage

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One Uff species produces a very specialized fluid that it feeds to other creatures; this fluid is largely organic sugars with a diluted substance similar to benzoylmethyl ecogine, and is therefore extremely addictive.  The Symbius brekkana is the only Uff to employ a range of other animal species for its protection.  These animals happened upon the Uff’s nectar and have become addicted, so defend their source, even abandoning their herds or packs to follow it around.  There is a degree of infighting among the Uff’s entourage, but this actually works out for it, as the fighting leaves only the strongest animals in its employ.  This lifestyle allows adult Symbius brekkana to reach a ripe old age, though their eggs and nymphs are still vulnerable to predation.

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wow! great idea!