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Suchids are characterized by their long and immensely strong mandibles, armed with conical tooth-spines to grip and crush their prey, which includes some of the largest land animals on Epimethius. The largest species are passive ambush predators, lying in wait for large prey to come close and then unleashing a blast of speed and strength to quickly overpower their target. Smaller ones are endurance hunters, wounding their prey with their venomous mandibles, then following with a swift trot until their quarry collapses. There is even an entire genus of Suchids adapted specifically to dominate the massive interconnected cave systems of Manus Carpas.

(thought I'd try a different angle to get a better picture of the mandible configuration)
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you draw them so well :) i like the one on the upper left, you can really tell that it's looking at you! 
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makes sense - looking down is probably the safest way for a naturalist to get a good look at them. :)

genius work & angles.
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